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_______________________________________________________________ • 115 F-1 Braford cows, calving now, five and six years old. • 80 F-1 open Brangus heifers. 903/721-0597 No Brokers Please!

_______________________________________________________________ • 40 gentle, stout, large Angus and black whiteface heifers, bred to low birthweight Wagyu bulls, calf buy back program, spring calvers. • 90 Brangus and Angus Plus heifers, bred to low birthweight bulls, calving in the spring. • Beefmaster cross heifers, bred to low birthweight bulls, fall and spring calvers. <a href=""><img src="../images/web.gif" border="0"></a> 713/447-7747

_______________________________________________________________ 45 black and black baldy solidmouth spring calving cows, 1150 pounds. $1590 delivered. 800/328-3433

_______________________________________________________________ 30 Red Angus bred heifers, daughters of R. A. Brown Red Angus bulls, start calving March 1, OCV, off one ranch, bred to Evans low birthweight Angus bulls. 254/592-1506 Stephenville, Texas

_______________________________________________________________ 20th Annual Bull Sale Tuesday, MARCH 15 1 P.M. — Estancia, New Mexico 150 Angus Bulls Moderate Frame And Milk, Reliable, Calving Ease, Efficient Growth Bill & Lisa Gardner 505/705-2856 Cole Gardner 575/910-5952 Clayton Gardner 575/934-8742 MANZANO ANGUS RANCHES <a href=" "><img src="../images/web.gif" border="0"></a>

_______________________________________________________________ REMINGTON ANGUS <a href=" "><img src="../images/web.gif" border="0"></a> 45 Virgin Registered Angus Bulls; All coming 2; All tested sound breeders by DVM Fannin County Jerry Lane 972.979.1193 Lamar County Clint Lane 214.801.7067 Est. 1942 The Calving Ease Brand

_______________________________________________________________ • 300 young spring calving Angus cows, bred to Eaton and De- brucker Charolais bulls. • 1000 young spring calving crossbred and Charolais cows, bred to Eaton and Debrucker Charolais bulls. • 170 young spring calving Corriente cross cows, bred to solid red and black bulls. • 850 young black and Red Angus spring calving cows, bred to Angus bulls. • 40 coming three year old F-1 Braford heifers, some pairs, balance bred to calve March/April, bred to Ludvigson Red Angus bulls. • 80 coming two year old F-1 Braford heifers, exposed to Ludvigson Red Angus bulls. • 40 F-1 Braford heifers calves, 450 pounds. Call: 775/225-8889 For More Information

_______________________________________________________________ LESTER LIVESTOCK SERVICES LLC Marketing Quality Replacement Cattle • 110 exposed Brangus heifers, 700 pounds, exposed to 44 Farms Angus bulls ............. $1750 • 135 heavy bred Angus heifers, 900 pounds, bred to 44 Farms Angus bulls ................. $1975 • 86 exposed Angus heifers, 800 pounds, exposed to 44 Farms Angus bulls ................. $1750 • 51 F-1 Brangus cows, four to six years old, calves coming every day .. Call For Current Price • 60 bred Braford heifers, start calving in February .................................. Call For Current Price Please call with any questions or to list your cattle with us! 979/777-9387 WWW.LESTERLIVESTOCK.COM <a href="http://WWW.LESTERLIVESTOCK.COM"><img src="../images/web.gif" border="0"></a>

_______________________________________________________________ ANGUS BULLS FOR SALE Low Birthweight, Easy Calving CROSSBRED HEIFERS Jared Whitworth — 325/805-2105 Mike Whitworth — 325/456-9875

_______________________________________________________________ • 6 Red Brangus cows, three to five years old, bred to red Wagyu bulls. • 25 Angus heifers, long bred to low birthweight Angus bull, ex-tremely gentle. • 8 first-calf Brangus pairs. • 20 black and black whiteface cows, three to five years old, calving December through February, bred to Angus and Charolais bulls. • 38 Hereford heifers, four to six months bred to proven R. A. Brown Ranch Red Angus low birthweight bulls. Lex Lehmberg Mason, Texas • 325/347-2200

_______________________________________________________________ HEIFER BULLS ANGUS/SALERS CROSS Easy Calving David Whitworth 210/413-9790 mobile

_______________________________________________________________ • Hereford heifers — bred to calving ease Hereford bulls, all one raising. • Also, young Hereford cows. 806/671-4314 Located In Texas Panhandle

_______________________________________________________________ GILES ANGUS RANCH ANGUS BULLS FOR SALE Private Treaty (Registered & Commercial) -SELLING SONS OF- GAR Anticipation, GAR Composure & GAR Prophet Genomics (DNA) tested for calving ease, maternal traits, weaning & yearling performance & carcass value. Kelly Giles - Canyon, Texas - (806) 655-5800 <a href=""><img src="../images/web.gif" border="0"></a>

_______________________________________________________________ RICHARDSON CATTLE COMPANY ANGUS BULLS REPLACEMENT HEIFERS Gardiner Genetics Easy Calving • Fertility, Trich And PI-BVD Tested • Ready To Work — $3400 Each Quantity Discounts • Delivery Available Carlsbad, New Mexico • 575/885-6175 <a href=""><img src="../images/web.gif" border="0"></a>


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