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_______________________________________________________________ FALL CALVING ANGUS HEIFERS 250 fancy Angus replacement heifers, bred to Northern low birthweight Angus bulls to start calving September 1, uniform and gentle, calfhood vaccinated. Will sell in smaller groups. March to April delivery. North Camp Ranch Inc. 940/841-3111 • Bowie, Texas

_______________________________________________________________ BENSON CATTLE CO. HEIFERS • HEIFERS • HEIFERS • 40 Red Angus first-calf heifers, 10 day calving period, weigh 1250 pounds, Northern origin. • 45 first-calf Angus heifers, calve March 15-16, AI’ed to Connealy Thunder weight 1250 pounds. • 44 first-calf Angus heifers, calve March 1 for one day, AIed one day, 1300 pounds. • 12 first-calf Red Angus heifers, calving for a 45 day period starting in February. • 10 first-calf Angus heifers, 1050 pounds, due date February 18, Vermillion genetics, all bred with heifer calves. All heifers are the front pasture kind — fancy. 903/249-2971 Pics Available At: Benson Cattle Company Facebook Page or at: <a href=""><img src="../images/web.gif" border="0"></a>

_______________________________________________________________ 71 fancy, bred heifers Angus, Brangus, Angus Plus. Located southesatern new mexico, bred to lbw reg Angus bulls, very gentle, cake broke, low stressed handle, start calving March 1, These were selected for ourselves but due to health an hired help issues has made us decided to sell them. $2500 per head. If you take all or choice will be $2900 per head. 928/925-1175

_______________________________________________________________ 60 ANGUS BRED HEIFERS Top quality Angus heifers, bred to registered low birthweight Angus bulls to begin calving May 15 for 60 days. Heifers weigh 1000 pounds and were bred to Final Answer, GAR Retail Product, New Design and Predestined bulls. Heifers are framey and should calve with no problems. Top bloodlines on both sides and come to the call. Paint Creek Cattle Company Throckmorton, Texas 254/559-6453 • 254/522-5501

_______________________________________________________________ 40 extra fancy black Angus heifers, bred to polled ½ Angus, ½ Corriente bulls to start calving January 10, 2016, will pasture free until November 1, 2015, current on all shots and worming, out of Express Ranches' bulls past two generations. $2800 per head. 575/472-1511

_______________________________________________________________ 19th Annual Bull Sale Tuesday, MARCH 17 1 P.M. — Estancia, New Mexico 110+ Angus Bulls 50 Dependable Calving-Ease Bulls! Bill & Lisa Gardner 505/384-5424 505/705-2856 Cole Gardner 575/910-5952 MANZANO ANGUS RANCHES <a href=""><img src="../images/web.gif" border="0"></a> Celebrating 20 Years Of Balanced Selection For Practical, Maternally Oriented Angus Cattle!

_______________________________________________________________ ANGUS BULLS FOR SALE Low Birthweight, Easy Calving Jared Whitworth — 325/805-2105 Mike Whitworth — 325/456-9875

_______________________________________________________________ • 6 black, black whiteface cows, medium bred to Hereford and Brangus bulls. • 10 black whiteface heifers, bred to Wagyu bulls to start calving February 20 for 60 days, super gentle, weight 1100 pounds. • 18 Angus heifers, long bred to low birthweight Angus bulls to start calving March 1. Lex Lehmberg Mason, Texas • 325/347-2200

_______________________________________________________________ HEIFER BULLS ANGUS/SALERS CROSS Easy Calving David Whitworth 210/413-9790 mobile

_______________________________________________________________ Country Cattle • 120 six year old Angus pairs with Angus and Hereford sired calves at side, exposed back to registered Horned Hereford and registered Red Angus bulls, cows come out of Montana and are nice with a lot of life left in them, calves weigh 450 pounds, cows weigh 1300 pounds. Call Bart. (Lot C138) • 80 Red Angus pairs, straight five year olds, out of one ranch, Red Angus sired calves at side, selling back as exposed to exceptional registered Horned Hereford bulls, bulls turned out April 15, cows will sell with a July 1-15 delivery. Call Bart. (Lot C137) • 186 second and third-calf tigerstripe cows with 117 calves at side as of the last week of February, the balance heavy bred to Angus and Hereford bulls, all one raising sisters, OCV, true F1's, fancy and good — will last for a long time. Call Bart. (Lot C136) • 140 big, stout, and fancy first-calf Brangus pairs, Brangus sired calves at side, exceptional registered Horned Herefords bulls were turned in on February 1 and many will be three-in-one packages — you can't find them any better! Call Bart. (Lot C135) • 1 red Corriente bull, horns are tipped and ready for use. Call Bart. (Lot C134) • 2 Jersey bulls, ready for use this fall, weight 500 pounds. Call Bart. (Lot C133) • 1 registered, polled, homozygous black Limousin bull, eighteen months of age. Call Bart. (Lot C132) • 69 Angus Plus heifers, long bred to start calving March 1 to low birthweight, registered Angus Plus bulls. These females are consigned by Sauer Cattle Company and will be nice. Call Bart. (Lot C131) • 80 Angus and Angus baldy pairs, three to five years old with Angus sired calves at side, weight 1250 pounds, will deliver the end of March — nice set of ranch cows. Call Bart. (Lot C130) • 40 Angus and Angus baldy pairs, three to five years old, with Angus sired calves at side, cows weight 1250 pounds, calves were born December 15 through January 30, broke to cake and siren, easy to handle — nice. Call Bart. (Lot C129) • 270 exceptional Brangus and Brangus baldy heifers, all one raising out of 44 Farms sires to calve this fall, all bred to Sleep Easy solid colored Corriente bulls — these are one of the best sets of eared females we have seen in a long time. These have been developed the right way and have the genetics to make an outstanding set of mama cows! End of May delivery. Call Bart. (Lot C128) • 37 black, black whiteface and red whiteface heifers, start calving this spring, bred to proven low birthweight Angus and Red Angus bulls, heifers out of TS cows, Angus and Brangus bulls, bulls turned in July 1, weight 900-950. This group is consigned and will be at the Saturday, February 28th Replacement Sale. Call Bart. (Lot C127) • 38 Angus heifers, bred to ½ Red Angus, ½ Wagyu and solid colored Corriente bulls to start calving September 20, OCV, current on shots — this one raising set is to be delivered by the end of May. Call Bart. (Lot C123) • 50 black and black whiteface heifers, bred to ½ Red Angus, ½ Wagyu and solid colored Corriente bulls to start calving September 20 — these heifers originated out of Alpine, Texas and can go anywhere, set for end of May delivery. Call Bart. (Lot C122) • 44 choice Brangus and Brangus baldy heifers, bred to ½ Red Angus, ½ Wagyu low birthweight bulls to start calving September 20, all OCV, current on shots, will be delivered the end of May. Call Bart. (Lot C121) • 62 big, stout, fancy, bred black whiteface and red whiteface heifers, true one raising females will start calving September 20 by ½ Red Angus, ½ Wagyu bulls, all OCV, current on vaccinations — an exceptional set of straight English baldy heifers, set for and end of May delivery. Call Bart. (Lot C120) • 500 fancy, one raising set of Angus heifers, due to start calving September 20 by ½ Red Angus, ½ Wagyu bulls — these females were raised by prominent Texas Panhandle ranch and are out of Gardiner sires and Gardiner sired Angus cows, all OCV, current on vaccinations, big ribbed and big boned, being offered with an end of May delivery. Call Bart. (Lot C119) • 50 registered Horned Hereford pairs with Brahman sired calves at side, originated from Dudley Brothers as opens and were bred to low birthweight Brahman bulls — if you are looking to raise true F-1 females, here is the factory with one on the ground, selling with papers, March 15 delivery or later. Call Bart. (Lot C118) • 97 choice first-calf Red Angus pairs, all AI'ed to registered Angus bull Above & Beyond — northern heifers, weight 1050 pounds, calves weighed 50-60 pounds at calving — these are the real deal in the Red Angus world, March 15 delivery or later. Call Bart. (Lot C117) • 97 choice Hereford first-calf pairs with calves sired by Angus, Red Angus and Hereford low birthweight bulls — this set of northern females are extremely gentle and have a stout set of calves, set for a March 15 delivery or later. Call Bart. (Lot C116) • 1 Maine/Angus bull, twelve month old, sired by an Irish Whiskey son, current fertility test. Call Bart. (Lot C114) • 1 virgin Angus bull, sixteen months old, with current fertility test. Call Bart. (Lot C113) • 70 choice first-calf Angus pairs with Angus sired calves at side,calves are within a 15 day window, cows are in great shape to breed back this spring, don't miss these, young pairs are hard to find. Call Bart. (Lot C111) • 1 fancy, purebred Simmental bull — this herd sire was born on 11-03-11 and is solid red, sired by WAGR Driver 706T and out of a dam named Double R Ebony P30, all the numbers and pedigree you could ever want. This young sire was raised by Jack White in Cherokee, Oklahoma. Call Bart. (Lot C107) • 1 virgin Angus bull, eighteen months old, current fertility paperwork. Call: Bart. (Lot C106) • 120 three to five years old Angus cows, bred to Angus and Maine/ Angus bulls, bred to start calving in March. These females will be moderate framed and they are good. Call Bart. (Lot C99) • 15 coming two year old red Brahman bulls, off the Collier Cattle Company, fertility tested and ready to use — good set of young bulls. Call Jody. (Lot C86) For More Information And To View Pictures Of Cattle, Please Go To Website. Ken Jordan • 325/372-8060 — Jeffrey Osbourn • 325/372-8070 Jody Osbourn • 325/372-8073 — Bart Larremore • 325/372-8074 <a href=""><img src="../images/web.gif" border="0"></a> 325/372-5159 San Saba, Texas

_______________________________________________________________ RICHARDSON CATTLE COMPANY ANGUS BULLS REPLACEMENT HEIFERS All Gardiner Genetics Easy Calving • Fertility and Trich Tested • Ready To Work — $3400 Each Quantity Discounts • Delivery Available Carlsbad, New Mexico • 575/885-6175 <a href=""><img src="../images/web.gif" border="0"></a>


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