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_______________________________________________________________ FALL CALVING ANGUS HEIFERS 500 Angus heifers, bred to low birthweight Angus bulls to start calving September 1, uniform and gentle, calfhood vaccinated, all shots. $2700 will sell in load lots for March-April delivery. Located in north central Texas. North Camp Ranch Inc. 940/841-3111 • Bowie, Texas

_______________________________________________________________ BENSON CATTLE CO. HEIFERS • HEIFERS • HEIFERS • 109 first-calf Angus heifers, 1100 pounds, bred to sons of Final Answer and Mytty In Focus, due date March 1 for 21 days — these heifers are fancy. • 31 first-calf Angus heifers, same as above, due date March 21 to April 8. • 80 first-calf Angus heifers, 1025 pounds, bred to sons of Image Maker, Right Answer and Conealy Lead On. • 43 first-calf Angus heifers, AIed to Bismarck for three days, February 15 due date. • 10 first-calf Angus heifers, 1050 pounds, due date February 18, Vermillion genetics, all bred with heifer calves. • 17 first-calf Red Angus heifers, calving for a 45 day period starting in February. All heifers are the front pasture kind — fancy. 903/249-2971 Pics Available At: Benson Cattle Company Facebook Page or at: <a href=""><img src="../images/web.gif" border="0"></a>

_______________________________________________________________ 25 ANGUS BRED HEIFERS Calving February and March by low birthweight bulls. 15 REGISTERED ANGUS BULLS Performance tested, AI sired. 319/360-0838 • 903/368-1877

_______________________________________________________________ 7 REGISTERED ANGUS HEIFERS Start calving real quick. Ken Whitewood 830/634-2934 • 210/279-9842

_______________________________________________________________ 19th Annual Bull Sale Tuesday, MARCH 17 1 P.M. — Estancia, New Mexico 110+ Angus Bulls 50 Dependable Calving-Ease Bulls! Bill & Lisa Gardner 505/384-5424 505/705-2856 Cole Gardner 575/910-5952 MANZANO ANGUS RANCHES <a href=""><img src="../images/web.gif" border="0"></a> Celebrating 20 Years Of Balanced Selection For Practical, Maternally Oriented Angus Cattle!

_______________________________________________________________ 35 Angus and black mottlefaced heifers, bred to solid black Corriente bulls, 1100 pounds, start calving end of February. McPHERSON RANCH Steve • 806/292-1039 Matt • 806/292-1035

_______________________________________________________________ SANTA GERTRUDIS/ HEREFORD HEIFERS 33 red mottlefaced heifers, calving March and April. Stuart Sasser 361/887-2981 • Beeville, TX

_______________________________________________________________ ANGUS BULLS FOR SALE Low Birthweight, Easy Calving Jared Whitworth — 325/805-2105 Mike Whitworth — 325/456-9875

_______________________________________________________________ • 22 Angus heifers, bred to Wagyu bulls to start calving February 20 for 60 days, weight 1100 pounds, super gentle. • 10 black whiteface heifers, bred to Wagyu bulls to start calving February 20 for 60 days, super gentle, weight 1100 pounds. • 18 Angus heifers, long bred to low birthweight Angus bulls to start calving March 1. • 2 virgin Hereford bulls, seventeen months old. • 1 ½ Corriente, ½ Angus bull, 2½ years old. • 22 open Hereford heifers, ready for the bull of your choice, OCV. • 74 Angus heifers, bred to Wagyu bulls to start calving February 20 for 60 days, weight 1100 pounds, super gentle. • 15 black and black whiteface cows, medium bred to Brangus and Hereford bulls. Lex Lehmberg Mason, Texas • 325/347-2200

_______________________________________________________________ HEIFER BULLS ANGUS/SALERS CROSS Easy Calving David Whitworth 210/413-9790 mobile

_______________________________________________________________ Country Cattle • 100 exceptional first-calf Brangus pairs with Brangus sired calves at side that were born in September and October — these fancy females are open for the bulls of your choice — it will be hard to find any better! Big, stout. Call: Bart. (Lot C110) • 30 Angus Plus cows, four to five years old, with 150-500 pound calves at side, calves sired by Angus and Charolais bulls. Call: Bart. (Lot C108) • 1 fancy, purebred Simmental bull. This herd sire was born on 11-03-11 and is solid red and was sired by Wagr Driver 706T and out of a dam named Double R Ebony P30. All the #'s and pedigree you could ever want. This young sire was raised by Jack White in Cherokee, Oklahoma. Call: Bart. (Lot C107) • 1 virgin Angus bull, eighteen months old, current fertility paperwork. Call: Bart. (Lot C106) • 1 two year old black F-1 bull — this big, stout, fancy virgin bull is ready for service and has papers. Call: Bart. (Lot C105) • 120 three to five year old Angus cows, bred to Angus and Maine/Angus bulls, bred to start calving in March — these females will be moderate framed and are good. Call: Bart. (Lot C99) • 15 coming two year old red Brahman bulls, off the Collier Cattle Company, fertility tested and ready to use — good set of young bulls. Call: Jody. (Lot C86) For More Information And To View Pictures Of Cattle, Please Go To Our Website. Ken Jordan • 325/372-8060 — Jeffrey Osbourn • 325/372-8070 Jody Osbourn • 325/372-8073 — Bart Larremore • 325/372-8074 <a href=""><img src="../images/web.gif" border="0"></a> 325/372-5159 San Saba, Texas

_______________________________________________________________ ANGUS BULLS REPLACEMENT HEIFERS All Gardiner Genetics Easy Calving Fertility and Trich Tested Ready To Work — $3100 Each Delivery Available Richardson Cattle Company Carlsbad, New Mexico 575/885-6175 <a href=""><img src="../images/web.gif" border="0"></a>

_______________________________________________________________ Camp position on ranch west of San Angelo, Texas for a mature married man. No dogs, no personal or outside horses and no children at home. Experienced in cow/calf, stockers, calving heifers, windmills, pumps and general ranch maintenance. Competitive salary with housing and benefits. Background check and drug screen will be required. P. O. Box 3306-A San Angelo, TX 76902


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