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_______________________________________________________________ 300 young Angus and Angus cross pairs, two to six years old with 70% Charolais cross calves and 30% black and Red Angus, cows have Charolais bulls running back with them currently. Call: 775/225-8889 for details. _______________________________________________________________ For sale: 300 fall calving, young Angus cross, Charolais cross, crossbred cows, bred to Eaton and DeBruycker Charolais bulls; 300 young, spring calving Angus cows, bred to Eaton and DeBruycker Charolais bulls; 1000 young, spring calving crossbred and Charolais cows, bred to Eaton and DeBruycker Charolais bulls; 170 young, spring calving Corriente crossbred cows, bred to solid red and black bulls; 850 young black and Red Angus spring calving cows, bred to Angus bulls. Call: 775/225-8889 for details.

_______________________________________________________________ Country Cattle FEMALES: • 169 young, fancy, true F-1 tigerstripe cows, calving by Brangus bulls. Call Ken. (Lot C186) • 89 fancy tigerstripe heifers, long bred to low birthweight bulls. Call Bart. (Lot C185) • 150 Angus and Sim/Angus heifers, AI bred to start calving February 1 for 45 days. Call Bart. (Lot C184) • 67 Angus Plus heifers, bred Salers/Angus bulls to start calving December 15 through February 15, 1050-1100 pounds, OCV, all shots, good flesh. Call Bart. (Lot C182) • 40 three and four year old Angus pairs with SimAngus sired calves at side, bred back to SimAngus bulls for three-in-one packages, calves weigh 450 pounds. Call Bart. (Lot C173) BULLS: Go to to view a current list of bulls. For More Information And To View Pictures Of Cattle, Please Go To Our Website. Ken and Kynda Jordan — Owners and Operators Bart Larremore: 325/372-8074 • Ken Jordan: 325/372-8060 Jeffrey Osbourn: 325/372-8070 • Jody Osbourn: 325/372-8073 P. O. Box 158 — San Saba, Texas 76877 San Saba: 325/372-5159 • Mason: 325/372-8074<a href=""><img src="../images/web.gif" border="0"></a>

_______________________________________________________________ HEIFER BULLS ANGUS/SALERS CROSS Easy Calving David Whitworth 210/413-9790 mobile

_______________________________________________________________ • 10 black baldy cows, long bred to Sim/Angus bull, three to five years old. • 38 Hereford heifers, four to six months bred to proven R. A. Brown Ranch Red Angus low birthweight bulls. • 85 black and black whiteface cows, three to five years old, start calving December through Fe-bruary by Angus and Charolais bulls. • 7 first-calf Angus pairs, extremely gentle. SOLD Lex Lehmberg Mason, Texas • 325/347-2200

_______________________________________________________________ ANGUS BULLS FOR SALE Low Birthweight, Easy Calving CROSSBRED HEIFERS Jared Whitworth — 325/805-2105 Mike Whitworth — 325/456-9875

_______________________________________________________________ BENSON CATTLE CO. HEIFERS • HEIFERS • HEIFERS • 45 first-calf Angus heifer pairs, calves sired by sons of Special Focus, heifers weigh 1100 pounds. • 94 first-calf black and black baldy heifers, AI’ed to Final Answer to calve February 15 for one day. • 50 registered Angus heifers, calving February 15 to March 8, AI bred to SAV Angus Valley, calves have been sexed. • 120 commercial first-calf Angus heifers, AIed to SAV Angus Valley, calve February 15 and 16, all half sisters, calves have been sexed. • 50 first-calf heifers, AI bred to SAV Angus Valley, calve March 3-10. • 70 commercial Angus heifers, bull bred to calve March 13 through April 10, sired by AI. • 60 three and four year old Angus pairs, 1250 pounds, August/ September calves, Montana origin. • 35 AIed first-calf heifers, Montana origin, AIed to Final Answer, calving February 15. • 55 northern Angus first-calf heifers, AIed for one day to SAV Final Answer, 1075 pound, heifers are all half sisters, calve February 15, big, stout, gentle. • 24 first-calf Angus heifer pairs, calves sired by R. A. Brown low birthweight Angus bulls. All heifers are the front pasture kind — fancy. 903/249-2971 Pics Available At: Benson Cattle Company Facebook Page or at: <a href=""><img src="../images/web.gif" border="0"></a>

_______________________________________________________________ LESTER LIVESTOCK SERVICES LLC Marketing Quality Replacement Cattle • 36 Angus Plus first-calf cows, and set to be possible three-in-one packages ....... $2650 • 110 open Brangus heifers, 650 pounds, great dispositions,leather and bone......... $1650 • 410 black Brangus cross heifers, calving in the spring, most carry some ear ........ $2250 • 116 Angus, Angus cross heifers, calving this spring to 44 Farms bulls ............… $2350 Please call with any questions or to list your cattle with us! 979/777-9387 WWW.LESTERLIVESTOCK.COM <a href="http://WWW.LESTERLIVESTOCK.COM"><img src="../images/web.gif" border="0"></a>

_______________________________________________________________ • 2 corriente bulls. $1700 • 61 bred black baldy heifers, calving April and May. 325/642-5861

_______________________________________________________________ RICHARDSON CATTLE COMPANY ANGUS BULLS REPLACEMENT HEIFERS Gardiner Genetics Easy Calving • Fertility, Trich And PI-BVD Tested • Ready To Work — $3400 Each Quantity Discounts • Delivery Available Carlsbad, New Mexico • 575/885-6175 <a href=""><img src="../images/web.gif" border="0"></a>

_______________________________________________________________ Top-Quality, Breeding-Age Registered Black Angus Heifers For Sale All females are born, bred and raised in Central Texas. We have had a closed female herd since 1987. All sale heifers are sired by and exposed to Windy Bar Ranch bulls. <a href=""><img src="../images/web.gif" border="0"></a> David Anderson • 830/992-9162 _______________________________________________________________ Top-Quality, Breeding-Age Registered Black Angus Bulls For Sale Calving ease bulls available. We evaluate for calving ease based on multiple factors; actual birthweight; sire and dam history on birthweight; birthweight EPD; and genetic test results for birthweight. <a href=""><img src="../images/web.gif" border="0"></a> David Anderson • 830/992-9162

_______________________________________________________________ • 115 F-1 Braford cows, calving now, five and six years old. • 65 F-1 Braford and Brangus cows, spring calvers, three to five years old. • 70 open F-1 Brangus and Braford cows, three to five years old. • 117 F-1 open Brangus heifers. 903/721-0597 No Brokers Please!

_______________________________________________________________ 14 black Angus Plus bred heifers, start calving March 1, OCV, off one ranch, bred to Evans low birthweight Angus bulls. 254/592-1506 Stephenville, Texas _______________________________________________________________ 30 Red Angus bred heifers, daughters of R. A. Brown Red Angus bulls, start calving March 1, OCV, off one ranch, bred to Evans low birthweight Angus bulls. 254/592-1506 Stephenville, Texas

_______________________________________________________________ BRED CROSSBRED COWS Bred mostly to Vermillion Angus bulls, ten and eleven years old, all year branded, home raised, spring calving — three big loads. 575/673-2347 505/803-4004 Cell

_______________________________________________________________ • 4 Star Ranch has 33 bred Angus heifers for immediate sale. • Age — sixteen to eighteen months old (as of November 15). • Preg check completed on November 3. • Estimated Weight — 750-850 pounds. • Pasture/feed — Grass and 25% Cubes. • Calving Period — February to April 2016. • Contact: Michael Hayes 580/639-2526 To Schedule Time To See The Herd

_______________________________________________________________ Don't wake up in a cold sweat dreaming about calving your heifers — come see us! McPHERSON HEIFER BULLS ½ Corriente • ½ Angus Solid Black, Virgin 20-24 Months Old Matt: 806/292-1035 Steve: 806/292-1039

_______________________________________________________________ 41 ANGUS BRED HEIFERS Bred to black Corriente bulls to start calving February 1 for 90 days, gentle and uniform. $2075. 6 PUREBRED CHAROLAIS WEANLING HEIFERS Eight months old, vaccinated and ready to grow out as you see fit. $1275. CHIP COLE • 325/650-9833

_______________________________________________________________ • 9 Charolais cross heifers, 1000 pounds, long bred to Corriente bulls, started calving November 1. • 9 black and black baldy cows, four to eight years old, medium bred to Angus bulls. 432/553-2620

_______________________________________________________________ BRANGUS and ANGUS PLUS REPLACEMENT HEIFERS 54 fancy Brangus and Angus Plus replacement heifers, all one brand, weight 700-725 pounds, nine baldies, very uniform and dog gentle, calfhood vaccinated, two rounds of shots and Long Range wormer. $1750 per head. North Camp Ranch 940/841-3111 • Bowie, TX _______________________________________________________________ CHAROLAIS BULLS 32 Charolais bulls, two to three years old, fertilty and trich tested, big, stout, fancy set of bulls. Priced at $3900-4500. North Camp Ranch 940/841-3111 • Bowie, TX _______________________________________________________________ ANGUS PAIRS 23 northern Angus cows, three to four years old, with Angus sired September and October calves, very uniform and gentle, all one brand, one raising. $3500 take all. North Camp Ranch 940/841-3111 • Bowie, TX _______________________________________________________________ ANGUS BRED HEIFERS 150 Angus heifers, bred to low birthweight Angus bulls for fall and spring calving, cattle are in four groups. $2250-2500. North Camp Ranch 940/841-3111 • Bowie, TX

_______________________________________________________________ ANGUS SOURCE REPLACEMENT HEIFERS F Bar Springs Ranch GDAR Angus genetics, calve February/March 2016, easy calving, grass raised and super gentle, weight November 12 was 1075 pounds. 940/867-7079 • Henrietta, TX

_______________________________________________________________ HEIFER DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM From Breeding To Calving We have 320 powerful black, black whiteface and Red Angus bred heifers for sale that we will calve out and sell as pairs in the spring. 10% down payment, balance due when pairs are picked up. References available. Call Day Or Night: 605/660-3393 • 605/661-6292


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