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_______________________________________________________________ <p>13 “Top Of The Line” Angus heifers, bred to proven low birthweight bull, begin calving in early fall for 30 days.</p> <p><b>Ken Whitewood</p></b> <p><b>830/895-3225 • 210/279-9842</p></b>

_______________________________________________________________ <p><b>OUR BUSINESS REVOLVES AROUND YOUR SATISFACTION</p></b> <p><b>Over 30 Years Of Experience Working For You!!! </p></b> <p>• 300 Angus and baldy fall calving cows, bred to Angus bulls, three to five years old, due to start calving in early fall, gentle, uniform and fancy — a real money making set of cows that will last a long time.</p> <p>• 100 Red Angus fall calving cows, bred to Red and black Angus bulls, three to five years old, start calving early fall.</p> <p>• 250 spring calving Angus and baldy cows, three to five years old, bred to Angus bulls, calve early spring, gentle — a real fancy set of cows.</p> <p>• 200 Angus pairs, three to five years old, with a super nice set of calves, in great condition — the front pasture kind, calves are 200 pounds and up.</p> <p>• 45 Angus fall calving cows, three to five years old, bred to Angus bulls to start calving early fall — a real nice load of cows to fit anyone.</p> <p><b>REMEMBER OUR REPUTATION RIDES ON EVERY LOAD! </p></b> <p>Satisfaction Guaranteed! </p> <p><b>BFI Cattle Company 325/ 665-8048</p></b>

_______________________________________________________________ <p>• 70 good Brangus cows with 11 calves, balance palpated bred and calving daily, very gentle.</p> <p>• 18 crossbred cows with calves.</p> <p>• 40 good crossbred cows, palpated bred.</p> <p><b>361/442-6132 Cell</p></b> <p><b>361/368-9005 Home</p></b>

_______________________________________________________________ <p>EASY CALVING • FAST GROWING</p> <p><b>ANGUS BULLS</p></b> <p>Performance Tested • EPDs Available</p> <p><b>Call: WIESER ANGUS RANCH 830/997-5043 • Fredericksburg, TX</p></b>

_______________________________________________________________ <p>9 ranch raised, virgin, black Angus bulls — no papers, Gardiner and Image Maker bloodlines for easy calving, fourteen to sixteen months old, gentle, current on all shots, fertility tested and ready to go! $2250/head. </p> <p><b>325/643-9039 Home</b></p> <p><b>325/998-4680 Cell</b></p> <p><b>Text Only: 979/739-6351</b></p> _______________________________________________________________ <p>33 open, ranch raised Angus heifers, no papers, excellent quality, Gardiner and Image Maker genetics, current on all shots, Bangs vaccinated, gentle, no brands or earmarks, weight 800+ pounds. $1650/head. Photos available at:</p> <p><b>325/643-9039 • 325/998-4680</b></p>

_______________________________________________________________ <p><b>ANGUS BULLS FOR SALE</b></p> <p>Low Birthweight, Easy Calving, Coming Two Year Olds</p> <p><b>Jared Whitworth — 325/805-2105 Mike Whitworth — 325/456-9875</b></p>

_______________________________________________________________ <p><b>HEIFER BULLS</b></p> <p>ANGUS/SALERS CROSS Easy Calving</p> <p><b>David Whitworth 210/413-9790 mobile</b></p>

_______________________________________________________________ <p><b>Country Cattle</p></b> <p>FEMALES:</p> <p>• 41 Angus Plus heifers, bred to calve this fall to Angus bulls. Call Bart. (Lot C261)</p> <p>• 31 second calf Angus Plus cows, bred back to calve this fall to Angus bull. Call Bart. (Lot C260)</p> <p>SOLD• 54 Gertrudis/Hereford heifers, fall calving. Call Bart. (Lot C259)</p> <p>• 51 Charolais/Gertrudis cross heifers, fall calving. Call Bart. (Lot C258)</p> <p>SOLD• 42 Gertrudis/Angus cross heifers, fall calving. Call Bart. (Lot C257)</p> <p>SOLD• 15 Gertrudis heifers, fall calving. Call Bart. (Lot C256)</p> <p>• 3000 Angus and Angus Plus cows, coming with second calves by registered Angus bulls. Call Bart. (Lot C248)</p> <p>• 1000 Angus and black whiteface cows, three to four years old, start calving the middle of August. Call Bart. (Lot C246) </p> <p>BULLS: Go to to view a current list of bulls. </p> <p>For More Information And To View Pictures Of Cattle, Please Go To Our Website.</p> <p><b>Ken and Kynda Jordan — Owners and Operators Bart Larremore: 325/372-8074 • Ken Jordan: 325/372-8060 Jeffrey Osbourn: 325/372-8070 • Jody Osbourn: 325/372-8073 P. O. Box 158 — San Saba, Texas 76877 San Saba: 325/372-5159 • Mason: 325/347-6361<a href=""><img src="../images/web.gif" border="0"></a> </p></b>

_______________________________________________________________ <p><b>RICHARDSON CATTLE COMPANY</p></b> <p>ANGUS BULLS REPLACEMENT HEIFERS</p> <p>Gardiner Genetics Easy Calving • Fertility, Trich And PI-BVD Tested • Ready To Work — $2500 Each Quantity Discounts • Delivery Available</p> <p>Carlsbad, New Mexico • 575/885-6175 <a href=""><img src="../images/web.gif" border="0"></a></p>


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