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_______________________________________________________________ <p><b>BENSON CATTLE CO.</p></b> <p>HEIFERS • HEIFERS • HEIFERS</p> <p>• 90 first-calf Angus heifers, calving September, Aied to On Tract, 30 day calving period.</p> <p>• 80 first-calf Angus heifers, calving October, Aied and cleaned up, 40 day calving period. </p> <p>• 34 Hereford heifers, Aied to Conneally Conrad, due February 15.</p> <p>All heifers are the front pasture kind — fancy.</p> <p><b>903/249-2971 Pics Available At: Benson Cattle Company Facebook Page or at: <a href=""><img src="../images/web.gif" border="0"></a></p></b>

_______________________________________________________________ <p><b>OUR BUSINESS REVOLVES AROUND YOUR SATISFACTION</p></b> <p><b>Over 30 Years Of Experience Working For You!!! </p></b> <p>• 20 Hereford Pairs — three to five years old with F-1 Hudgins calves at side and exposed back — an exceptional set of cows that are Northern bred and gentle with an awesome set of tiger babies. </p> <p>• 20 Hereford Heavy Bred Cows — three to five years old, bred to JD Hudgin bulls calving this spring, mates to the pairs mentioned above — a real class set of young Hereford cows that are gentle. </p> <p>• 45 Northern Hereford Cows — three to five years old, bred to Hereford bulls, big, stout, gentle and the kind — the bone and stoutness of these cows is second to non, calving March and April!! </p> <p>• 150 Angus And Baldy Fall Calving Cows — bred to Gardner Angus bulls, three to five years old, real fancy and gentle, Northern bred but already in Texas. </p> <p>• 200 Angus And Baldy Spring Calving Cows — due to calve March and April, bred to Angus bulls, cake broke and really nice. </p> <p>• 175 Angus Pairs — with Angus calves, cows very young and have an awesome set of babies — reputation cows that will last you a long time, some really nice cows. </p> <p>• 75 Red Angus Cows — calve this spring, three to five years old, calve March- April — a fancy set of cows that are gentle, very uniform and are a stout made. </p> <p>• 20 Fancy Crossbred Pairs — three to five years old, running back with SimAngus bull, very gentle, cake broke, calves are babies to 300 pounds. </p> <p>• 3 Super Nice Young Hereford Bulls! Tested and ready. </p> <p>• 3 Red Angus Three Year Olds — tested and ready to go to work. </p> <p><b>REMEMBER OUR REPUTATION RIDES ON EVERY LOAD! </p></b> <p>Satisfaction Guaranteed! </p> <p><b>BFI Cattle Company 325/ 665-8048</p></b>

_______________________________________________________________ <p><b>JENSEN BROS. Hereford Bull Sale</p></b> <p>THURSDAY, MARCH 2</p> <p>1:00 P.M. • At The Ranch</p> <p>COURTLAND, KANSAS</p> <p>— • — • — • —</p> <p>80 Polled & Horned Hereford Bulls</p> <p>— • — • — • —</p> <p>8 Sim/Angus Bulls</p> <p>— • — • — • —</p> <p>• DNA Enhanced GE-EPDs</p> <p>• 12-18 Month Age Bulls</p> <p>• Calving Ease Bulls</p> <p>• Carcass Bulls</p> <p>• Performance Bulls Because </p> <p>• POUNDS $$$</p> <p>• Free Delivery • Winter Til April 15</p> <p><b>Kevin Jensen 785/243-6397 Cell 785/374-4372 Home</p></b> <p>Request Catalog •</p> <p>Video’s At <a href=""><img src="../images/web.gif" border="0"></a></p></b> <p>Bid online DV Auctions</p>

_______________________________________________________________ <p><b>ANGUS BULLS FOR SALE</b></p> <p>Low Birthweight, Easy Calving, Coming Two Year Olds</p> <p><b>Jared Whitworth — 325/805-2105 Mike Whitworth — 325/456-9875</b></p>

_______________________________________________________________ <p><b>HEIFER BULLS</b></p> <p>ANGUS/SALERS CROSS Easy Calving</p> <p><b>David Whitworth 210/413-9790 mobile</b></p>

_______________________________________________________________ <p><b>Country Cattle</p></b> <p>FEMALES:</p> <p>• 20 medium bred tigerstripe heifers. Call Bart. (Lot C254) </p> <p>• 25 open Belted Galloway heifers. Call Bart. (Lot C253) </p> <p>• 33 first-calf Angus and black whiteface pairs with Angus sired calves at side. Call Bart. (Lot C252) </p> <p>• 78 Brangus and Brangus baldy cows, three to six years old, heavy bred to Angus bulls. Call Bart. (Lot C251) </p> <p>• 350 open Angus and black whiteface heifers, weight 750 pounds, all one raising. Call Bart. (Lot C250) </p> <p>• 40 Angus cows, long bred to Hereford bulls, cleaned up with Angus bulls, will calve for 75 days with few calves already on the ground, five to six years old, very gentle, will come to feed. Call Jody. (Lot C249) </p> <p>• 3000 first-calf Angus and Angus Plus pairs with AI sired Angus calves at side, running back with Angus bulls since December 1. Call Bart. (Lot C248) </p> <p>• 1000 Angus and black whiteface cows, three to four years old, start calving the middle of August. Call Bart. (Lot C246) </p> <p>• 41 Angus heifers, bred to start calving March 1 to ½ Wagyu, ½ Angus bulls. Call Bart. (Lot C244) </p> <p>• 30 Angus Plus pairs with Angus sired calves at side. Call Bart. (Lot C243) </p> <p>• 10 Angus Plus cows, long bred to Angus bulls. Call Bart. (Lot C242) </p> <p>• 13 ½ Angus, ½ Corriente and ½ Angus, ½ Charolais heifers, bred to calve this spring to Wagyu bulls, current on vaccinations. Call: Bart. (Lot C238) </p> <p>• 67 Angus Plus heifers, bred to ¾ Angus, ¼ Corriente bulls, will calve this fall. Call: Bart. (Lot C216) </p> <p>BULLS: Go to to view a current list of bulls. </p> <p>For More Information And To View Pictures Of Cattle, Please Go To Our Website.</p> <p><b>Ken and Kynda Jordan — Owners and Operators Bart Larremore: 325/372-8074 • Ken Jordan: 325/372-8060 Jeffrey Osbourn: 325/372-8070 • Jody Osbourn: 325/372-8073 P. O. Box 158 — San Saba, Texas 76877 San Saba: 325/372-5159 • Mason: 325/347-6361<a href=""><img src="../images/web.gif" border="0"></a> </p></b>

_______________________________________________________________ <p><b>RICHARDSON CATTLE COMPANY</p></b> <p>ANGUS BULLS REPLACEMENT HEIFERS</p> <p>Gardiner Genetics Easy Calving • Fertility, Trich And PI-BVD Tested • Ready To Work — $2500 Each Quantity Discounts • Delivery Available</p> <p>Carlsbad, New Mexico • 575/885-6175 <a href=""><img src="../images/web.gif" border="0"></a></p>


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