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_______________________________________________________________ ANGUS BULLS AND FEMALES FOR SALE Bulls Are The Rancher’s Kind Performance and Fertility Tested Ultrasound Carcass Data Rawhide Trail Ranch • Austin, Texas 512/288-1220

_______________________________________________________________ THOMAS HILLS of IVAN RANCH — RED BRANGUS BULLS and HEIFERS — Phil Thomas: home 817/926-7034 • office 214/638-7027 — Joe Brown: home 254/559-2461

_______________________________________________________________ MARK YOUR 2015 CALENDAR SELLING 200 ANGUS BULLS And A Great Group Of Charolais FEBRUARY 14, 2015 Bradley 3 Ranch Ltd. Mary Lou Bradley: 940/585-6471 James Henderson: 940/585-6171 Ranch Headquarters: 806/888-1062

_______________________________________________________________ CLARK ANGUS RANCH 250 REGISTERED ANGUS BULLS 18-24 Months Tested and Guaranteed CALL FOR AN APPOINTMENT Crockett, Texas 936/544-9013 • 888/252-7501

_______________________________________________________________ CHAROLAIS AND ANGUS BULLS C BAR RANCH — Slaton, Texas Clark Wood - 806/828-6249, 806/786-2078 Trey Wood - 806/789-7312

_______________________________________________________________ 100 TEXAS LONGHORN BULLS —For Sale or Lease— Over 100 Breeding Age Mostly Two Year Olds —Also Available— Roping Heifers Bred Cows and Pairs We Can Deliver Contact: Jerry Hodge 806/350-7285 Ext. 101 320 South Polk Amarillo, TX 79101

_______________________________________________________________ TOP QUALITY REPLACEMENT CATTLE — FOR SALE — F-1, Brangus and Others 361/362-5863

_______________________________________________________________ Don't Buy Bulls, Lease Them! $250/Month Angus, Charolais, Hereford, Brangus And Others Delivery available. Bull Stations in South Texas (Beeville) and East Texas (Laneville). Call: Leo @ 361-362-5863 or E-mail at Check Out Our Website: For Photos And Information We'll Buy, Sell Or Trade Bulls With You

_______________________________________________________________ ANGUS BULLS AI sired, EPDs, performance and fertility tested, guaranteed. BUNTING ANGUS DeLeon, TX • 254/893-6427 • 254/842-9866

_______________________________________________________________ Hartzog Angus Cattle REGISTERED ANGUS BULLS Range raised and ready to work, great selection — private treaty for your convenience. Roy or Trudy Hartzog Family Angus Since 1951 806/825-2711 Home 806/225-7230 Cell • 806/225-7231 Cell

_______________________________________________________________ REGISTERED RED ANGUS FEMALES — BULLS Commercial / Registered • Groups QUALITY GENETICS 432/284-9664 • Van Horn, TX

_______________________________________________________________ ANGUS BULLS REPLACEMENT HEIFERS All Gardiner Genetics Easy Calving Fertility and Trich Tested Ready To Work — $2700 Each Delivery Available Richardson Cattle Company Carlsbad, New Mexico 575/885-6175

_______________________________________________________________ PETERSON ANGUS FARM Kent E. Peterson 806/441-8610 Lamesa, Texas

_______________________________________________________________ 100% TEXAS LONGHORNS Heifer Bulls • Registered Bulls & Cows • Trophy Steers • Heifers • Roping Stock STONEWALL VALLEY RANCH 512/454-0476 • 830/644-2380

_______________________________________________________________ It Doesn’t Have to Cost $40 per head to Sell Cattle . . . Selling on The Cattle Range costs a fraction of selling at auction You pay ONLY if sold from the website - - If sold otherwise, you pay NOTHING The Cattle Range The Leader in Internet Marketing of Cattle The Cattle Range reaches all over “Cattle Country” with over 6,500 cattlemen visiting the site daily. For additional information, visit our website or call 1.800.381.4848

_______________________________________________________________ B L A C K LIMOUSIN BULLS HEIFER BULLS Black • Two Years Old Gentle • Virgin • Ranch Raised 432/426-3435

_______________________________________________________________ Gentle, Registered BRANGUS BULLS Registered, Full French CHAROLAIS BULLS Fertility/Trich Tested Out of Texas Certified TB Free herds. R J CATTLE CO/RAMRO LLC Please Call About Bulls Stacey • 361/318-8638

_______________________________________________________________ ROMAGNOLA CATTLE BEST KEPT SECRET IN THE CATTLE BUSINESS BULLS AND HEIFERS LONGHORN CROSSES Janelle Yates 325/396-4661 • 325/456-5099

_______________________________________________________________ REPLACEMENT CATTLE FOR SALE For Photos Check Out: Bode Livestock on Facebook Business Page Richard Bode • 325/372-5744 325/372-1515 Cell

_______________________________________________________________ Country Cattle • 27 Hereford cows, four years old, bred to calve September-November by Angus bulls. Good set of young calf raisers that will work in any F-1 program. Call: Bart. (Lot 38) • 1 young Maine/Brangus bull, ready for service this spring. He is big boned, stout, and will add lbs to your calf crop. Call: Bart. (Lot 37) • 2 young gray Brahman bulls, ready to use this spring. Bulls go back to Hudgins and V8 bloodlines and will make great sires for any F-1 program. Call: Bart. (Lot 36) • 2 stout, registered, polled Herford bulls born in February and March of 2013. These young herd sires are fertility tested and are virgins. Gentle and have a lot of quality. Call: Bart. (Lot 35) • 40 Angus and Angus Plus cows, will calve late winter into early spring. Quality females are three to five years old, weight 1250 pounds. Cows have excellent udders and are easy fleshing. They are located in Alabama. Call: Bart. (Lot 34) • 11 fancy, four year old Angus Plus cows, heavy bred to Ang bull. This big, stout set of females will weigh 1350 pounds and are as good as they get! Call: Bart. (Lot 33) SOLD • 1 fancy, registered Brangus bull, born February 2012. This son of OnStar is moderate in frame and has a low birthweight. Bull has all the genetics and phenotype you could want and could work to raise American show steers. He is good! Call: Bart. (Lot 32) • 500 exceptional, one-raising set of heifers, raised on the Gibson Ranch. These fancy females are out of Gardiner bloodlines on top and bottom and are bred to Schuman Ranch low birthweight Angus bulls. Bulls were turned in on February 15 and should start calving the end of November. All OCV and carry one ranch brand, weight 900 pounds and should weigh 1100 at calving. They can be pastured until October 1 at no charge. These are a rare find combined with genetics and quality. Call: Bart. (Lot 31) • 145 third and fourth calf Red Angus and Red Angus Plus cows, start calving in September to Red Angus bulls. Stout set of females that are the calf raising kind. Call: Bart. (Lot 30) • 65 second-calf Red Angus and Red Angus Plus cows to start calving in September by Red Angus bulls. These choice females will weigh 1250 and are extremely gentle. These are hard to find and can go anywhere. Call: Bart. (Lot 29) • 12 Angus heifers bred to a low birthweight Angus bull to start calving this fall. Females weigh 900+ pounds and are extremely gentle. Call: Bart. (Lot 28) • 31 choice Brangus heifers, bred to calve this fall to low birthweight Angus bulls. OCV, and are all one-raising. Nice set of females that are true Brangus. Call: Bart. (Lot 27) • 40 super baldy cows, bred to calve this fall to Maine/Angus bulls. Cows are four to five years old. This is a young, gentle, stout set of females that are the calf raising kind. Call: Bart. (Lot 26) • 53 Angus and Angus/Hereford cross cows, bred to start calving late August to registered Angus bulls. Cows are six to seven years old and will cross the scales at 1350 pounds and consistently wean 700+ pound calves. They are big and good. Call: Bart. (Lot 25) • 94 Angus and black whiteface cows, three to five years old. This Nebraska raised set of females are heavy bred with a few babies on the ground. Most of the cows will start calving on Aug 10 to Angus bulls. Stout set of easy handling cows. Call: Bart. (Lot 24). • 45 choice Hereford cows, three years old, coming with their second calf. Big, stout set of cows bred to calve this fall to Hudgins registered Brahman bulls. Bulls turned in December 15 and cows weigh 1300+ pounds. These are good and young. Call: Bart. (Lot 21). • 44 Hereford cows, three to five years old, bred to start calving September 1 for 90 days to Horned Hereford bulls. Females weigh 1150 pounds and are a one-raising set. Call: Bart. (Lot 19). • 1 solid red Longhorn heifer bull, ready for service. Call: Bart. (Lot 18). • 1 yearling past Jersey bulls, ready to turn out for service. Call: Bart. (Lot 17). • 75 crossbred heifers, ranging from red and red baldies to tigerstripes, all have at least Ό ear and are bred to low birthweight Brangus and Angus bulls turned in on February 1. If you are looking for a good set of heat tolerant females to last a lifetime and make money, these are the ones. Call: Bart. (Lot 12). • 125 Brangus heifers, bred to low birthweight Brangus and Angus bulls, weight 750 pounds, choice, running on wheat in south Texas and bulls were turned in on February 1, OCV — will make a nice set of mama cows. Call: Bart. (Lot 9). • 30 registered Angus cows, three to six years old, bred to top Angus sires in the breed, coming to us from Hales Angus Farms in Canyon, Texas. They started calving January 1, an exceptional set of females and are as good as they come — they are only selling due to dry weather — don’t miss them, they are the real deal! Call Bart. (Lot 209). SOLD For More Information And To View Pictures Of Cattle, Please Go To Our Website. Ken Jordan • 325/372-8060 — Jeffrey Osbourn • 325/372-8070 Jody Osbourn • 325/372-8073 — Bart Larremore • 325/372-8074 325/372-5159 San Saba, Texas

_______________________________________________________________ 200 REGISTERED ANGUS BULLS Gardiner Genetics • AI and ET Performance, Fertility and Brucellosis Tested • Carcass Ultrasounded 2 Bar Angus Hereford, Texas Toll Free: 877/2BARANG Mobile: 806/344-7444

_______________________________________________________________ LIMOUSIN BULLS - GERHARDT FARMS - Homo Black, Blacks • Reds • Polls — Extremely Gentle — 254/442-3042 • 254/433-0060

_______________________________________________________________ ANGUS BULLS Twelve months old and up, superior genetics, top quality, range ready, guaranteed, EPD’s, carcass data. REGISTERED HEIFERS FOR SALE LP RANCH REGISTERED ANGUS Contact: Chad Koonce • 325/234-1794 Madison McConaughey 432/631-9115

_______________________________________________________________ TOP QUALITY REPLACEMENT FEMALES FOR SALE Big inventory of Brangus, tiger- stripe and red mottlefaced heifers — bred and open. Serving you in two locations: East Texas (Navasota) and South Texas (San Isidro). 956/735-3707 or email: Visit Us On FB:

_______________________________________________________________ — FOR SALE — Lot Of 85 Black and Black Baldy Heifers 800-900 Pounds Bill • 325/895-1921

_______________________________________________________________ LOW BIRTHWEIGHT BREEDING-AGE ANGUS BULLS — Reasonably Priced — Can Be Registered at Buyer’s Expense JMR JMR Ranch • 817/996-9967 Coleman / Fort Worth, Texas

_______________________________________________________________ • 98 black bred cows for sale, bred to Akaushi bull. $3500 head. • 2 Akaushi fullblood bulls for sale. 806/592-1946 _______________________________________________________________ • 180 Corriente bred cows and pairs for sale — pairs $1800; bred $1500. • Approximately 80 weaning calves for sale. $600. 90% solid colored, all bred to black Corriente bulls. 806/592-1946

_______________________________________________________________ DROUTHED OUT! 100 F-1 Braford pairs, three to ten years old, bred to black bulls, rough country cattle. $2500 pair. Pics upon request. 520/487-2021

_______________________________________________________________ HORNED HEREFORD BULLS CHAROLAIS BULLS and ANGUS BULLS Bar K Cattle Co. • Leroy Krueger Located At Jourdanton, Texas 830/769-3367 830/570-0660 mobile

_______________________________________________________________ DOUBLE CREEK RANCH BRANGUS CATTLE Top Quality Registered and Commercial VIRGIN BULLS • HEIFERS • COWS 325/885-2066 Comanche, Texas

_______________________________________________________________ • Good selection of three, four and five year old mares. • Two and three year old horse colts. Priced reasonably. • Also, needing a ranch hand, good with horses. Roger Blackmon 254/725-6805

_______________________________________________________________ 49 heavy bred Angus and Brangus heifers and pairs for sale. 830/683-7690 325/226-1955

_______________________________________________________________ LESTER LIVESTOCK SERVIES LLC Marketing Quality Replacement Cattle • “SOLD” 100 Brangus pairs. $2300 pair. • “SOLD” 147 young Brangus cows, most all six to eight months bred, great cows. • 62 Brangus open heifers, 700 pounds. • 33 F-1 Brangus heifers. • “SOLD” 10 fall calving Brangus cows, five years old. $1800. • 21 Brangus pairs. • 60 Braford pairs. • Many other groups available. Please call with any questions or to list your cattle with us! 979/777-9387 WWW.LESTERLIVESTOCK.COM

_______________________________________________________________ ZEBU BULL FOR SALE The best small calf bull you can buy. Ideal cross for Longhorn and Corriente heifers — “put a little Bramer in your heifers”. Lightning B Ranch 817/594-1672

_______________________________________________________________ BARZONA CATTLE Your source for Foundation-herd Barzona bulls and females. Low maintenance, heat tolerant, easy calving, unsurpassed maternal characteristics. High grading and yielding. Bulls and females available private treaty. Bard Cattle Company 217-649-5616 • Foster, Oklahoma

_______________________________________________________________ SHORTHORN BULLS Calving ease, quality, gentle dispositions, 16-28 months. $2000- 3000. Dean • 620/563-9533 Plains, Kansas

_______________________________________________________________ Angus bulls and Females for Sale Private Treaty Sales - Big, Stout and Range Ready. Performance Tested, Fertility Tested, Ultra-sound Carcass Data, Free Delivery (within 250 miles), Priced for the Commercial Cowman. RUTHERFORD RANCHES, Buda, Texas Contact: Kevin Gallagher - 512/634-6510

_______________________________________________________________ HEIFER BULLS ANGUS/SALERS CROSS Easy Calving David Whitworth 210/413-9790 mobile

_______________________________________________________________ L BAR RANCHES Home Raised CHAROLAIS, HEREFORD & ANGUS Virgin, Two Year Old Bulls. One or a truckload, FREE delivery with-in 200 mi. of each ranch. FREE fertility and Trich test for each bull sold. DEL VALLE / LLANO (512) 784-6885 Email: Website:

_______________________________________________________________ • 35 fall calving black and black whiteface cows, three to five years old, bred to Angus bulls. • 10 long bred black and black whiteface cows, three to four years old. Lex Lehmberg Mason, Texas • 325/347-2200

_______________________________________________________________ LIMOUSIN BULLS Black, Polled, Breeding Age Keeton Limousin • Wolfforth, TX 806/866-9440 • 806/866-9049

_______________________________________________________________ ANGUS BULLS FOR SALE Low Birthweight, Easy Calving Jared Whitworth — 325/805-2105 Mike Whitworth — 325/456-9875

_______________________________________________________________ 100 young black, black baldy fall calving cows, Reagan/Irion Counties, Texas. 325/716-0050 _______________________________________________________________ Solid black Longhorn heifer bulls, tested and ready to go. 325/716-0050

_______________________________________________________________ REPLACEMENT/ KEEPER HEIFERS Proven genetics. Select from blacks, baldies, Herefords. October delivery. 806/672-4154

_______________________________________________________________ CHAROLAIS BULLS Top quality breeding-age bulls. Fertility tested. Terry Norman • Brady, Texas 325/597-0796 • 325/344-5492

_______________________________________________________________ ANGUS COWS 40 young three to five year old Angus replacement cows, will calve November and Decem-ber, nice set of replacement cows, all gentle, cake broke. J W CATTLE COMPANY 254/216-2473

_______________________________________________________________ — FOR SALE — BRANGUS BULLS Registered, fertility tested, top bloodlines, EPDs available. REEH BRANGUS Dan Reeh 830/669-2657 • 830/992-0535 C Doss and Eldorado, Texas

_______________________________________________________________ REGISTERED ANGUS BULLS and HEIFERS Oldest and Most Efficient Herd In Texas Robin Giles • Hillingdon Ranch 830/995-3917 • Comfort, Texas 254/396-6023 • 254/592-3746 Cells

_______________________________________________________________ ANGUS BULLS and FEMALES FOR SALE Hogue Cattle Company 325/646-6568 Days 325/643-2225 Evenings

_______________________________________________________________ ANGUS BULLS Service Age • Registered Guaranteed COX RANCH Bill Melson, General Mgr. 432/413-9801 Ranch Office • 817/341-7213 Weatherford, Texas

_______________________________________________________________ BULLS CHAROLAIS AND ANGUS Two years old, performance records, range raised and range ready, fertility tested, all virgin. Quality to compare anywhere! PAT GRISWOLD CATTLE CO Goldthwaite, Texas 214/750-4765 Residence 817/946-8320 mobile

_______________________________________________________________ CASEY BEEFMASTERS SIXTY PLUS YEARS Watt, Jr. 325/668-1373 Watt: 325/762-2605

_______________________________________________________________ — +SCHNEIDER BRAHMANS Proven Brahman Genetics Since 1974. Email: 812 FM 3351N, Boerne TX 78006 Wes; Manager 210/422-7901

_______________________________________________________________ OUR BUSINESS REVOLVES AROUND YOUR SATISFACTION Over 30 Years Of Experience Working For You!!! • 250 Brangus pairs with big calves at side, super fancy , three to five years old, gentle — an awesome set of cows and calves. • 500 Angus fall calving cows, bred to Angus bulls, start calving early fall and as fancy as walks, three to five years olds, moderate framed with a lot of thickness — these cows are Northern origin and are backed with genetics to milk and breed back quick — as uniform set as made. • 100 Angus and baldy cows, three to five years old, to calve in the fall by Angus and Charolais bulls, gentle, cake broke, really uniform — super set of cows. • 100 Angus and baldy cows, three to five years old, bred to Angus bulls to calve early fall, northern genetics at their best, backed by generations of quality cattle. • 150 Angus cows, three to five years olds, bred to Angus bulls to calve early fall, South Dakota origin, gentle and the kind. • 75 Red Angus pairs, all one raising, three years olds, Red Angus calves running at side, calves have been worked, running back with bulls, uniform and gentle — if you want an awesome set of red cows don't hesitate here. • 125 Angus pairs, three to five years old with good size calves — the fancy kind that will last a lifetime, pairs will suit the most critical. REMEMBER OUR REPUTATION RIDES ON EVERY LOAD! Satisfaction Guaranteed! BFI Cattle Company 325/ 665-8048

_______________________________________________________________ I have a good selection of Hereford, Angus, Charolais and Brangus herd sires. Also, low birthweight Angus heifer bulls. Jerry Hudson • 512/738-5006 To View Pics:

_______________________________________________________________ BUCKING BULLS FOR SALE Year round, ½ interest. Call or text: 325/665-0680


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