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_______________________________________________________________ THOMAS HILLS of IVAN RANCH — RED BRANGUS BULLS and HEIFERS — Phil Thomas: home 817/926-7034 • office 214/638-7027 — Joe Brown: home 254/559-2461

_______________________________________________________________ MARK YOUR 2016 CALENDAR SELLING 200 ANGUS BULLS And A Great Group Of Charolais FEBRUARY 13, 2016 Bradley 3 Ranch Ltd. Mary Lou Bradley: 940/585-6471 James Henderson: 940/585-6171 Ranch Headquarters: 806/888-1062

_______________________________________________________________ CLARK ANGUS RANCH 250 REGISTERED ANGUS BULLS 18-24 Months Tested and Guaranteed CALL FOR AN APPOINTMENT Crockett, Texas 936/544-9013 • 888/252-7501

_______________________________________________________________ CHAROLAIS AND ANGUS BULLS C BAR RANCH — Slaton, Texas Clark Wood - 806/828-6249, 806/786-2078 Trey Wood - 806/789-7312

_______________________________________________________________ 100 TEXAS LONGHORN BULLS —For Sale or Lease— Over 100 Breeding Age Mostly Two Year Olds We Can Deliver Contact: Jerry Hodge 806/350-7285 Ext. 101 320 South Polk Amarillo, TX 79101

_______________________________________________________________ Don't Buy Bulls, Lease Them! $350/Month Angus, Charolais, Hereford, Brangus And Others Delivery available. Bull Stations in South Texas (Beeville) and Central Texas (McGregor Near Waco). Call: Leo @ 361-362-5863 or E-mail at Check Out Our Website: For Photos And Information We'll Buy, Sell Or Trade Bulls With You

_______________________________________________________________ Don't Buy Bulls, Lease Them! $350/Month Angus, Charolais, Hereford, Brangus And Others Delivery available. Bull Stations in South Texas (Beeville) and East Texas (Laneville). Call: Leo @ 361-362-5863 or E-mail at Check Out Our Website: For Photos And Information We'll Buy, Sell Or Trade Bulls With You

_______________________________________________________________ ANGUS BULLS AI sired, EPDs, performance and fertility tested, guaranteed. BUNTING ANGUS DeLeon, TX • 254/893-6427 • 254/842-9866

_______________________________________________________________ Hartzog Angus Cattle REGISTERED ANGUS BULLS Range raised and ready to work, great selection — private treaty for your convenience. Roy or Trudy Hartzog Family Angus Since 1951 806/825-2711 Home 806/225-7230 Cell • 806/225-7231 Cell

_______________________________________________________________ REGISTERED RED ANGUS BULLS QUALITY GENETICS 432/284-9664 • Van Horn, TX

_______________________________________________________________ RICHARDSON CATTLE COMPANY ANGUS BULLS REPLACEMENT HEIFERS Gardiner Genetics Easy Calving • Fertility, Trich And PI-BVD Tested • Ready To Work — $3800 Each Quantity Discounts • Delivery Available Carlsbad, New Mexico • 575/885-6175

_______________________________________________________________ PETERSON ANGUS FARM Would like to lease pasture in Borden, Martin, Howard or surrounding counties of Texas. Kent E. Peterson 806/441-8610

_______________________________________________________________ 100% TEXAS LONGHORNS Heifer Bulls • Registered Bulls & Cows • Trophy Steers • Heifers • Roping Stock STONEWALL VALLEY RANCH 512/454-0476 • 830/644-2380

_______________________________________________________________ It Doesn’t Have to Cost $40 per head to Sell Cattle . . . Selling on The Cattle Range costs a fraction of selling at auction You pay ONLY if sold from the website - - If sold otherwise, you pay NOTHING The Cattle Range The Leader in Internet Marketing of Cattle The Cattle Range reaches all over “Cattle Country” with over 6,500 cattlemen visiting the site daily. For additional information, visit our website or call 1.800.381.4848

_______________________________________________________________ B L A C K LIMOUSIN BULLS HEIFER BULLS Black • Two Years Old Gentle • Virgin • Ranch Raised 432/426-3435

_______________________________________________________________ Gentle, Registered BRANGUS BULLS Registered, Full French CHAROLAIS BULLS Fertility/Trich Tested Out of Texas Certified TB Free herds. R J CATTLE CO/RAMRO LLC Please Call About Bulls Stacey • 361/318-8638

_______________________________________________________________ ROMAGNOLA CATTLE BEST KEPT SECRET IN THE CATTLE BUSINESS BULLS AND HEIFERS LONGHORN CROSSES Janelle Yates 325/396-4661 • 325/456-5099

_______________________________________________________________ REPLACEMENT CATTLE FOR SALE For Photos Check Out: Bode Livestock on Facebook Business Page Richard Bode • 325/372-5744 325/372-1515 Cell

_______________________________________________________________ Country Cattle FEMALES: • 70 four to five year old red Angus pairs, exposed back to Hereford bull, calves are worked. Call Bart. (Lot C146) • 30 big and fancy first-calf Angus Plus pairs with calves at side weighing 150-300 pounds. Call: Jody. (Lot C145) • 180 first-calf Angus pairs with April 15 delivery. Call: Bart. (Lot C144) • 120 five to six year old Angus pairs with Angus and Hereford sired calves at side, exposed back to registered Horned Hereford and registered Red Angus bulls. Call Bart. (Lot C138) • 80 Angus and Angus baldy pairs, three to five years old with Angus sired calves at side, weight 1250 pounds, will deliver the end of March — nice set of ranch cows. Call Bart. (Lot C130) • 40 Angus and Angus baldy pairs, three to five years old, with Angus sired calves at side, weight 1250 pounds, calves born December 15 through January 30, broke to cake and siren, easy to handle — nice. Call Bart. (Lot C129) • 270 exceptional Brangus and Brangus baldy heifers, all one raising out of 44 Farms sires to calve this fall, bred to Sleep Easy solid colored Corriente bulls. Call Bart. (Lot C128) • 38 Angus heifers, bred to ½ Red Angus, ½ Wagyu and solid colored Corriente bulls to start calving September 20, OCV, current on shots — this one raising set is to be delivered by the end of May. Call Bart. (Lot C123) • 50 black and black whiteface heifers, bred to ½ Red Angus, ½ Wagyu and solid colored Corriente bulls to start calving September 20 — these heifers originated out of Alpine, Texas and can go anywhere, set for end of May delivery. Call Bart. (Lot C122) • 44 choice Brangus and Brangus baldy heifers, bred to ½ Red Angus, ½ Wagyu low birthweight bulls to start calving September 20, all OCV, current on shots, will be delivered the end of May. Call Bart. (Lot C121) • 62 big, stout, fancy, bred black whiteface and red whiteface heifers, true one raising females will start calving September 20 by ½ Red Angus, ½ Wagyu bulls. Call Bart. (Lot C120) • 500 fancy, one raising set of Angus heifers, due to start calving September 20 by ½ Red Angus, ½ Wagyu bulls. Call Bart. (Lot C119) • 100 choice first-calf Angus pairs with Angus sired calves at side, calves are within a 15 day window, cows are in great shape to breed back this spring, don't miss these — these young pairs are hard to find. Call Bart. (Lot C111) • 120 three to five years old Angus cows, bred to Angus and Maine/ Angus bulls, bred to start calving in March. These females will be moderate framed and they are good. Call Bart. (Lot C99) BULLS: • 16 Corriente heifer bulls, approximately twenty months old, used on virgin heifers for 100 days, trich and fertility tested prior to delivery. Call Bart. (B7) Go to to view a current list of bulls. For More Information And To View Pictures Of Cattle, Please Go To Website. Ken Jordan • 325/372-8060 — Jeffrey Osbourn • 325/372-8070 Jody Osbourn • 325/372-8073 — Bart Larremore • 325/372-8074 325/372-5159 San Saba, Texas

_______________________________________________________________ 200 REGISTERED ANGUS BULLS Gardiner Genetics • AI and ET Performance, Fertility and Brucellosis Tested • Carcass Ultrasounded 2 Bar Angus Hereford, Texas. Toll Free: 877/2BARANG Mobile: 806/344-7444

_______________________________________________________________ LIMOUSIN BULLS - GERHARDT FARMS - Homo Black, Blacks • Reds • Polls — Extremely Gentle — 254/442-3042 • 254/433-0060

_______________________________________________________________ ANGUS BULLS Twelve months old and up, superior genetics, top quality, range ready, guaranteed, EPD’s, carcass data. REGISTERED HEIFERS FOR SALE LP RANCH REGISTERED ANGUS Contact: Chad Koonce • 325/234-1794 Madison McConaughey 432/631-9115

_______________________________________________________________ TOP QUALITY REPLACEMENT FEMALES FOR SALE Big inventory of Brangus, tiger- stripe and red mottlefaced heifers — bred and open. Serving you in two locations: East Texas (Navasota) and South Texas (San Isidro). 956/735-3707 or email: Visit Us On FB:

_______________________________________________________________ HORNED HEREFORD BULLS CHAROLAIS BULLS and ANGUS BULLS Bar K Cattle Co. • Leroy Krueger Located At Jourdanton, Texas 830/769-3367 830/570-0660 mobile

_______________________________________________________________ DOUBLE CREEK RANCH BRANGUS CATTLE Top Quality Registered and Commercial VIRGIN BULLS • HEIFERS • COWS 325/885-2066 Comanche, Texas

_______________________________________________________________ HEIFER BULLS ANGUS/SALERS CROSS Easy Calving David Whitworth 210/413-9790 mobile

_______________________________________________________________ L BAR RANCHES Home Raised CHAROLAIS, HEREFORD & ANGUS Virgin, Two Year Old Bulls. One or a truckload, FREE delivery with-in 200 mi. of each ranch. FREE fertility test for each bull sold. DEL VALLE / LLANO (512) 784-6885 Email: Website:

_______________________________________________________________ • 10 first-calf Angus pairs, open for the bull of your choice. • 20 black, black whiteface cows, fall calving to Charolais bulls, three to five years old. • 25 black, black whiteface cows, fall calving to Hereford and Brangus bulls. SOLD Lex Lehmberg Mason, Texas • 325/347-2200

_______________________________________________________________ ANGUS BULLS FOR SALE Low Birthweight, Easy Calving Jared Whitworth — 325/805-2105 Mike Whitworth — 325/456-9875

_______________________________________________________________ CORRIENTE HEIFER BULL Johnny Powell 325/650-6231 • Eldorado, TX

_______________________________________________________________ — FOR SALE — BRANGUS BULLS Registered, fertility tested, gentle, top bloodlines, EPDs available. REEH BRANGUS Dan Reeh 830/669-2657 • 830/992-0535 C Doss and Eldorado, Texas

_______________________________________________________________ REGISTERED ANGUS BULLS and HEIFERS Oldest and Most Efficient Herd In Texas Robin Giles • Hillingdon Ranch 830/995-3917 • Comfort, Texas 254/396-6023 • 254/592-3746 Cells

_______________________________________________________________ ANGUS BULLS and FEMALES FOR SALE Hogue Cattle Company 325/646-6568 Days 325/643-2225 Evenings

_______________________________________________________________ ANGUS BULLS Service Age • Registered Guaranteed COX RANCH Bill Melson, General Mgr. 432/413-9801 Ranch Office • 817/341-7213 Weatherford, Texas

_______________________________________________________________ CORRIENTE BULL Black, three years old. $2500. Call for pictures: 254/977-2478 Dublin, Texas

_______________________________________________________________ • 35 two year old Angus pairs with 250 pound calves. • 8 Charolais/Angus cross cows with 500 pound calves. 316/305-7651

_______________________________________________________________ HEIFER BULLS 2 Angus/Corriente bulls, all black, twelve to fourteen months old. $2000 each. For More Information & Photos: Tom Heck • 915/539-4895

_______________________________________________________________ REGISTERED POLLED HEREFORD BULLS (1) Four Year Old Bull (3) One Year Old Bulls Out Of Norman Grenwelge Bloodlines 325/439-0469 • Finch

_______________________________________________________________ 500 QUALITY BRANGUS HEIFERS 750-800 Pounds Calfhood Vaccinated 254/223-4416

_______________________________________________________________ BLACK ANGUS BULLS FOR SALE Sixteen months old, tested, ready to go. R R Ranch • Nolan, Texas 325/933-0179

_______________________________________________________________ 45 black, black baldy, red and yellow bred cows, solidmouth, 1150 pounds, nice set!!! $1690. 800/328-3433

_______________________________________________________________ HEREFORD HEIFERS AVAILABLE Fancy Located In Texas Panhandle 806/671-4314

_______________________________________________________________ 16 LOW BIRTHWEIGHT YEARLING RED ANGUS BULLS Strong Beckton Influence 806/589-2998 • 806/781-1549

_______________________________________________________________ ANGUS CHAROLAIS HEREFORD A large selection of two year olds, performance records, range raised and range ready, fertility tested, all virgin. Quality to compare anywhere! PAT GRISWOLD CATTLE CO Goldthwaite, Texas 817/946-8320 mobile

_______________________________________________________________ CASEY BEEFMASTERS SIXTY PLUS YEARS Watt, Jr. 325/668-1373 Watt: 325/762-2605

_______________________________________________________________ — +SCHNEIDER BRAHMANS Proven Brahman Genetics Since 1974. Email: 812 FM 3351N, Boerne TX 78006 Wes; Manager 210/422-7901

_______________________________________________________________ OUR BUSINESS REVOLVES AROUND YOUR SATISFACTION Over 30 Years Of Experience Working For You!!! • 300 fancy, fancy Angus and Angus baldy three and four year old cows, Northern origin, due to start calving August 1 by Angus and Charolais bulls, bred to wean big calves and breed back easy — here is a real unique set of cows. • 50 Red Angus and red baldy three and four year old cows, start calving August 1 for 60 days — here is a set of northern cows that are very fancy, gentle and stout made, cows are in Texas and ready to go to work, bred to Charolais bulls! Lots of genetics backing this set of cows. • 100 Angus and Angus baldy cows, three to five years old, bred to Angus bulls to calve this fall, gentle and super nice. • 30 Angus first-calf heifers, calving now to low birthweight Angus bulls — we haven't had to assist any heifer — talk about nice and gentle — cows that will last a lifetime. • 35 young cows, black, Charolais cross and red, three to six years old, half already calved out with other half heavy bred, cows have an awesome set of calves, have a little ear and are moderate in size, really smooth and nice. If you are looking for a nice set of cows with a little cross, here they are. • 250 Angus pairs, three to five year old cows with 300 pound calves to newbies, exposed back to top Angus bulls — cows all Northern origin and have a top notch set of calves by their side, most should be already bred back. If you are looking for the fancy, hard to find, big weaning set of cows, here they are. They dont make ‘em any better. These cows offspring will be those that top the market--dont miss this opportunity to own a real class set of cows. REMEMBER OUR REPUTATION RIDES ON EVERY LOAD! Satisfaction Guaranteed! BFI Cattle Company 325/ 665-8048

_______________________________________________________________ I have a good selection of Hereford, Angus, Charolais and Brangus herd sires. Also, low birthweight Angus heifer bulls. Jerry Hudson • 512/738-5006 To View Pics:

_______________________________________________________________ ANGUS BULLS Top northern genetics, twelve to sixteen months old, fertility tested. PI negative. Bar W Ranch • 580/563-2779

_______________________________________________________________ EASY CALVING • FAST GROWING ANGUS BULLS Performance Tested • EPDs Available Call: WIESER ANGUS RANCH 830/997-5043 • Fredericksburg, TX

_______________________________________________________________ • 38 young Hereford cows: Wyoming origin, bred to gray Brahman bulls to calve 9/22 for 63 days. • 33 young black and black whiteface cows: Wyoming origin, bred to Angus bulls, calve 10/1 for 63 days. Individually tagged, good health program. Located in Texas Panhandle. 806/671-4314

_______________________________________________________________ 150 black Angus heifers, 850-900 pounds, two to three months bred, low birthweight Angus bulls put out January 27, 60 day calving period, ultrasounded. 254/631-4015 • 254/643-5123

_______________________________________________________________ Fancy Jersey heifer and Holstein heifer, gentle, six months old. $1000 each. 806/254-2037 940/200-0124

_______________________________________________________________ SIM/COMPOSITE BULLS FOR SALE Polled, solid colored, tested for growth and carcass. Bulls ready to work and deliver value. Visit: For photos, videos and pedigree/EPD information. Call: Sally Buxkemper 325/656-3008 Cell 325/442-4501 Travis Bell • 214/533-2754

_______________________________________________________________ BREEDING-AGE HEREFORD BULLS Registered — Top Quality Rick Tisdale • 325/423-2509

_______________________________________________________________ BENSON CATTLE CO. HEIFERS • HEIFERS • HEIFERS • 12 F-1 tigerstripe first-calf heifers, bred to low birthweight Angus bull, March calves, 1100 pounds. • 40 Red Angus first-calf heifers, 10 day calving period, weigh 1250 pounds, Northern origin. • 45 first-calf Angus heifers, calve March 15-16, AI’ed to Connealy Thunder weight 1250 pounds. • 44 first-calf Angus heifers, calve March 1 for one day, AIed one day, 1300 pounds, 40 calves on ground. • 12 first-calf Red Angus heifers, calving for a 45 day period starting in February, 9 calves on ground. • 10 first-calf Angus heifers, 1050 pounds, due date February 18, Vermillion genetics, all bred with heifer calves. SOLD All heifers are the front pasture kind — fancy. 903/249-2971 Pics Available At: Benson Cattle Company Facebook Page or at:

_______________________________________________________________ KNOX BROTHERS LAND & CATTLE CO. Registered Angus Bulls For Sale Out of leading AI sires, fertility and performance tested, moderate birthweights with high growth. Quinten Holik — 325/656-8784

_______________________________________________________________ BAR F PURE BLOODED ANGUS BULLS (2) Two Year Olds 2 Yearlings Easy calving, low birthweight, guaranteed fertile, virgin bulls. Home grown — no implants. 806/223-6004

_______________________________________________________________ • 44 Agnus cows, three to five years old, calve August and September. $2900. • 42 three and four year old Angus cows, calve September. $3000. • 10 2½ year old Angus first-calf heifers. $3000. Rodney Schoen 325/642-1215 • Comanche, TX

_______________________________________________________________ 7 ANGUS CROSS FIRST-CALF PAIRS This is a select set of ½ to Ύ Angus heifers, calves by Angus bull. Buyer takes all @$3800 per pair. Lesikar Ranch Office: 817/738-2177 Jason Lesikar • 817/726-7998

_______________________________________________________________ HEIFERS Ready For Bulls • 60 Brangus heifers. • 100 black, black baldy and black mottlefaced heifers. • 40 good crossbred heifers. — Delivery Available — 210/508-8023

_______________________________________________________________ PUREBRED BRANGUS BULLS Three yearling purebred Brangus bulls, December 2013 births, pictures on request, low birthweight. 325/725-2985 • Anson, TX Area

_______________________________________________________________ OAK RIDGE RANCH 85 SERVICE AGE ANGUS BULLS Leading A.I. Sires Performance and Carcass Data Volume Discounts • Photos Available Delivery Available DINK WILSON 940/839-6664 • Quanah, Texas

_______________________________________________________________ Excellent Quality Show Calf Bulls 2 Reds • 2 Charolais Also, 3 Australian Shepherd puppies. 575/760-6336

_______________________________________________________________ 54 black and black whiteface heifers, AIed to start calving September for 60 days, cleaned up with low birthweight registered Angus bulls. $2700. Hunter Cure • Dundee, Texas 940/733-2115

_______________________________________________________________ CROSSBRED REPLACEMENT COWS FOR SALE Pairs and Bred Cows 979/541-3784

_______________________________________________________________ 100 BRANGUS/ ANGUS PAIRS Two to five years old including 20 first-calf heifer pairs, cows running back with Angus and Hereford bulls, will sell all or part. 903/388-8108

_______________________________________________________________ EASY TO HANDLE 100 BLACK BRANGUS PAIRS Two Year Old Heifers Range Bred And Their Calves — This set of first-calf heifers were bred to quality three and four year old selected bulls with great, gentle dispositions and good uniform body weight. These heifers all calved on their own without incident, 90% in ranch calving trap, 10% in pasture. Bee County, Texas. Inquires to: 210/213-4550


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