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Plains Cattle Feeders Asking
As Much As $90, Bids Only $84

Plains feedlot operators were feeling feisty this week after last week’s strong $85-86 showing. Packers were bidding $84, but feeders were holding for anywhere from $88 to $90.

Texas Slaughter Kid Goat Prices
See Steady Rate Again This Week

Slaughter goats on Texas markets were generally steady again this week, New Holland, Penn. $2-4 lower.

Fat, Feeder Lamb Prices Mostly Steady
Fat and feeder lambs held steady on most Texas markets this week, San Angelo weak to $1 lower on feeders. Billings, Mont. reported a $2-4 lower trend on heavy feeders, and New Holland, Penn. was anywhere from $10 to $20 higher on fats.


South African Mohair Producers
Find Much To Like In U.S. Visit

Optimism and opportunity were words that continually came up in conversation with a contingency of international guests representing the South African mohair industry here recently.

Resistant Parasites Causing
Problems In Sheep And Goats

Internal parasites in sheep and goats are becoming increasingly difficult to control as many of the parasites are now resistant to available dewormer products.

Small Grain Grazing Programs
Have Built-In Risk Management

Most economists think in terms of hedging in the futures market when they talk about risk management. Dr. Ted McCollum, Extension beef specialist in Amarillo, Texas, thinks about strategies and forage when it comes to stocker cattle systems.

Law Firm Exists To Make Federal
Cases Out Of Governmental Abuse

John Schuller, a sheep producer in northern Montana, was sitting on the couch watching wrestling when he heard a commotion outside.

Japanese Buyers Grab U.S. Beef
As Fast As It Hits The Shelves

U.S. beef still has diehard fans here in Japan. When they can find it, they snap it up.

Surge In Ethanol Plant Starts
Will Impact All Of Agriculture

The growing interest in ethanol, says Dr. John Lawrence of Iowa State University, may be a turning point for agriculture.

Dove Season Outlook Termed Fair
As Drouth Conditions Prevail

Come August, dove hunters become creatures of habit, intently aware of silhouettes on power lines and pastures with bright yellow sunflowers. They track the birds' swift, erratic flight with imaginary shotguns.

Spike In Natural Gas Prices
Termed Darkness Before Light

Producers pumping irrigation water this year might have a hard time seeing any profits, but the long-term forecast looks more promising, a Texas Cooperative Extension specialist said.

Angelo Sheep Steady, Cattle Firm To $2 Up
Slaughter lambs and slaughter ewes were steady, feeder lambs weak to $1 lower, nannies weak to $1 lower, kids steady. Receipts totaled 9467 head, around 10 percent slaughter lambs, 20 percent slaughter ewes, 20 percent feeder lambs, and the balance goats.

Fredericksburg Feeder Cattle $1-3 Higher
Feeder steers and heifers were $1-3 higher, slaughter cows and bulls $1-2 higher. Receipts totaled 1616 head.

Fredericksburg Sheep Steady, Few Goats Up
Stocker and feeder lambs were steady, slaughter lambs steady, stock and feeder goats steady, slaughter goats $2-3 higher. Receipts totaled 4508 head.

Jordan Cattle Sales See Higher Prices
Feeder steers and heifers were $2-5 higher in Mason and San Saba, slaughter cows $2 higher and bull steady, stock cows $25 to $50 higher. Receipts at the two sales totaled 5469 head.

Brownwood Cattle Mixed,
Lights Steady To Firm

Steer calves and yearlings were steady to $2 higher, heifer calves and yearlings steady to $1 lower, slaughter cows steady to $1 lower, bulls steady, bred cows and pairs steady. Receipts totaled 902 head.

Lampasas Cattle Sell Higher Across Board
Feeder steers and heifers were $5-7 higher, slaughter cows and bulls steady to $1 higher. Receipts totaled 1423 head.

Navasota Cattle Sell Higher Across Board
Feeder steers sold $2-5 higher, heifers $1-3 higher, slaughter cows $4-6 higher, bulls steady. Receipts totaled 2147 head.

Feeder Cattle Firm To $2 Higher
In Angelo Special Sale Monday

Steers and heifers were firm to $2 higher here Monday in the season’s fourth special feeder calf sale at Producers Livestock Auction.

Three Rivers Steers Firmer, Heifers Softer
Feeder steers were steady to firm, instances $4 higher, heifers steady to weak, slaughter cows $1-3 higher, bulls steady to firm. Receipts totaled 1265 head.

Most Comanche Cattle Sell Steady To Higher
Feeder steers and heifers were $3-5 higher, slaughter cows $2-4 higher, slaughter bulls steady. Receipts totaled 741 head.

New Holland Sheep And Goats Higher
Slaughter lambs weighing 70-150 pounds sold $15-20 higher, lighter weights $10-15 higher, slaughter ewes and bucks $2-4 lower, slaughter kid goats $2-4 lower, nannies and billies $2-4 higher.   

Graham Feeder Cattle Steady To Some Higher 
Feeder steers were steady to firm, yearlings steady, heifers steady to $1 higher, slaughter cows and bulls $2-4 higher, stock cows and pairs $100-175 higher. Receipts totaled 1601 head. 

Coleman Feeder Steer, Heifer Prices Higher
Feeder steers and heifers were $3-6 higher, yearlings $2-3 higher, slaughter cows and bulls steady to $2 higher, stock cows and cow-calf pairs steady to $75 lower. Receipts totaled 2345 head.

Nacogdoches Feeder Cattle Prices Higher
Feeder steers and heifers sold $2-5 higher, slaughter cow and bulls steady. Receipts totaled 860 head.

TCFA Junior Fed Beef Challenge
Featured Intense Competition

he Texas Cattle Feeders Association Junior Fed Beef Challenge overall champion and top scholarship winner in the Senior Division was Pete Dahl of Texhoma, Okla., who won a $2000 college scholarship. Matt Mellema of Dalhart captured reserve champion and a $1500 scholarship, and brother Tammo Mellema took home first runner-up honors and a $1000 scholarship.

Domestic Wool Slow, Aussies Some Higher
Domestic wool trading was seasonally slow last week, nearly all warehouses having completed marketing the majority of this year’s clip.

Nation’s Feeder Cattle Prices
Steady to $3 Higher Last Week

Feeder and stocker cattle sold steady to $3 higher  across the country last week, the full advance posted after Tuesday.

Goldthwaite Goats Off $5, Sheep Softer Also 
Light slaughter lambs were steady, heavyweights untested, stock and feeder goats steady to $2 lower, slaughter goats $5 lower. Receipts totaled 3020 head.

Athens Cattle Much Stronger Across Board
Feeder steers and heifers were $4-5 higher, slaughter cows $1-2 higher, bulls steady. Receipts totaled 2404 head.

Matt Austin Wins Bull Riding
At Dodge City Roundup

It might have been the only qualified bull ride at the Dodge City Roundup, but reigning world champion Matt Austin made it count.

Dalhart Feeder Calf Prices Firm To Higher
Feeder steers and heifers under 550 pounds sold firm to $2 higher, over 550 pounds steady, slaughter cows and bulls steady to $2 lower. Receipts totaled 911 head.

Total Meat Production 4.3% Above A Year Ago
Total red meat production under federal inspection for the week ending Saturday, August 12 was estimated at 904.1 million pounds, 4.3 percent higher than the previous week and 4.2 percent higher than a year ago. Cumulative meat production for the year to date was 3.9 percent higher compared to the previous year.

Billings Light Lambs Steady, Heavies Down
Feeder lambs under 90 pounds were mostly steady, 90-120 pounds $2 to $4 lower, slaughter ewes $2 higher. Receipts totaled 1773 head.  

Too Many Conflicting Priorities
Brought End To Doha Trade Talks

The current Doha Round of free trade negotiations at the World Trade Organization in Geneva collapsed on July 24 after five years of negotiations. Negotiations failed because the parties remained too far apart in negotiating the reduction and/or elimination of trade barriers and/or import tariffs, especially regarding the amount of tariff reductions in agriculture.

Lockhart Feeder Cattle Higher, Fats Up Also
Feeder steers and heifers were $1-3 higher, slaughter cows steady to $1 higher, slaughter bulls $1-2 higher. Receipts totaled 1352 head.

Buffalo Feeder Cattle Prices Trend Higher
Feeder steers 300-600 pounds were $2-3 higher, heifers 300-500 pounds $1-2 higher, 500-700 pounds $3 higher, instances $6 higher, slaughter cows and bulls steady. Receipts totaled 2163 head.

Boxed Beef Prices Rise On All Grades
The national comprehensive boxed beef cutout report on all fed steers and heifers sold last week gained $6.86 to close at $139.94. This is the highest closing price since July 7.

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