THURSDAY, AUGUST 9, 2001                                   VOLUME 53 - NO. 31

SCORCHING TEMPERATURES and barren skies signal Livestock Weekly's annual summertime tribute to cooler weather, along with the admonition to always be careful what you wish for. Triple-digit temperatures look as good to a man feeding in knee-deep snow as that snow looks right now.

Fat, Feeder Lamb Prices Drop Again
Fat and feeder lamb prices continued to tumble this week with many sales as much as $5 lower than last week's depressed prices. Fat lambs are now $23-40 below a year ago and feeder lambs are off $15-30. Slaughter ewes are holding up because of the demand from Mexico; they are only around $2 below a year ago.

Plains Fed Cattle Trade Nil As Gulf Separates Two Sides
Plains fed cattle trading remained at its customary standstill through midweek, and observers predicted it might not jell until Friday.

Texas Slaughter Goats Mostly Steady
Slaughter goat prices at most Texas markets were steady. Exceptions include Hamilton, a couple of dollars lower, and Fredericksburg, a couple of dollars higher.



Armstrong Family Roots Run Deep In Heart Of South Texas
The Armstrong family of South Texas is a legendary one. Here in this remote area, the family's roots run deep, and stories passed down from generation to generation are rich with history. The focal point of that history centers around the ranching industry and the establishment of the Armstrong Ranch.

Endangered Species Act Delays Implicated In Wildfire Deaths
A Republican congressman from Colorado says delays in releasing water related to the Endangered Species Act may have played a role in the July 10 deaths of four wildfire fighters in Washington state.

Economist Sees Continued Good Calf Market In Current Numbers
The cattle market has continued to improve, with calves setting record high prices this spring as cattle liquidations continue after the market collapse of 1996 and the weakening during fall '98. All cattle and calves in the United States as of July 1 totaled 105.8 million head, slightly below the 106.3 million on July 1, 2000 and 1.1 percent below 107 million two years ago. The total cattle inventory has dropped 7.2 million head from the current cycle's peak of 113 million head in 1995.

Humanitarian Food Reserve Plan Touted As Ag Price Enhancement
As Congress works on a new farm bill, Rep. Collin Peterson is pushing a proposal aimed at both helping farmers and reducing world hunger.

Ecos Oppose Using Irrigation Reservoirs For Intended Purpose
A Santa Fe, N.M., based radical environmental group is objecting to releasing water down the Pecos River for ranchers and farmers near Carlsbad.

Chattanooga Mounted Patrol On Way Out
It seems no one wants to be a cowboy anymore. The City of Chattanooga is retiring its mounted patrols. City officials say there are not enough officers to ride the horses. They say they will retire their last four horses this year.

Oklahoma Cattlemen Exploring Idea Of Packing Cooperative
A group of Oklahoma cattlemen is to receive a $195,000 U.S. Department of Agriculture grant to study the possibility forming a beef processing plant cooperative in the Sooner State.

Lawmakers Consider Tilting Appeals Process Toward Producers, Not USDA
When it comes to fighting the government, farmers say they cannot win for losing. If the Agriculture Department denies subsidies to farmers or punishes them for allegedly breaking rules, the growers can appeal — to committees of fellow farmers in their county and state, and then to a national hearing officer.

Senate Approves House Ag Funding Bill Against Democrats’ Wishes
The Senate gave final congressional approval to a $5.5 billion farm assistance package last Friday after Democrats bowed to a White House threat to veto a fatter measure.

Feds' Squabble With Two Nevada Ranchers Stirs Little Local Ire
Most local ranchers here say the impoundment of about 200 head of cattle from grazing permits is a matter between the ranchers involved and the Bureau of Land Management.

Lewis, Clark Hill Acquired For Park
The South Dakota parks department has acquired Spirit Mound, a hill explorers Lewis and Clark climbed to survey the surrounding region almost two centuries ago.

Activists Laud High School Rodeo Finals
An animal rights group has given good marks to the National High School Finals Rodeo.

OCA Gears Up For Beef Quality Assurance Program With Sales
The Sooner State is moving into Beef Quality Assurance country this fall with their version of the national program.

NZ Sheep Numbers Lowest In 44 Years
New Zealand’s national sheep numbers fell to 43.8 million in July, its lowest level in 44 years, as drouth conditions decimated livestock, figures showed last week.

NCBA Nutrition Labeling Stance Draws Fire From Retail Sector
The head of the National Cattlemen's Beef Association says the first reaction he received to the organization's support for mandatory nutrition labeling was swift and strong.

N.M. Wastewater Discharge Fight Escalates; Court Action Sought
A sheep rancher is continuing his efforts to force Public Service Company of New Mexico to clean up an arroyo through his property.

Brits Order Probe Of Hoof, Mouth Fraud
Allegations of fraud are surfacing in Great Britain's hoof and mouth disease eradication program.

Horse Shooter Gets Term In Work-Release
A man convicted of shooting five federally protected wild horses will spend his nights in jail for the next three years and his days working for a telephone company.

Cougar Glut Prompts Warnings In Oregon
State game officials are warning residents about Oregon's increasing cougar population.

Colorado Land Target Of Lockup Proposals
Colorado county commissioners are recommending protecting almost a quarter of a million acres as wilderness rather than more than a million and a half acres as proposed by environmental activists.

Recent Montana Rain Hasn't Ended Drouth
State officials say recent rains have eased the drouth in Central and Western Montana for ranchers, but have not washed it away.

Nation’s Feeder Cattle Prices Lower Last Week, Demand Light
Feeder steer and heifer prices trended weak to $2 lower across the nation last week. Most auction markets and country trading experienced light demand.

Angelo Feeder Lambs Lower, Cattle Weak
Feeder lambs sold $2-5 lower in a light test this week, slaughter lambs $4-5 lower, slaughter ewes steady; nanny goats were weak, kids steady. Receipts totaled 12,677 head, around 35 percent slaughter ewes, 15 percent slaughter lambs, five percent feeder lambs and 45 percent goats.

Domestic Wool Slow, Aussies On Recess
Domestic wool trading was seasonally slow again last week. Demand was light to moderate. Reported sales were steady to firm, but volume was limited.

Fed Cattle Summary Shows 182,948 Sold
The five-area weekly slaughter cattle report showed 182,948 head in confirmed sales last week compared to 229,957 a week earlier. The five areas are Texas-Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado and Iowa-Minnesota.

Cuero Heavy Feeder Steers, Heifers Up
Feeder steers and heifers sold steady with heavyweights higher, slaughter cows $1-2 higher, bulls $2-5 higher. Receipts totaled 2104 head.

U.S. Meat Production 2.7% Below A Year Ago
Total red meat production under federal inspection last week was 845.4 million, one percent more than a week earlier and 2.7 percent less than a year ago. Cumulative meat production for the year to date was down 2.8 percent at 26.1 billion pounds.

Hamilton Feeder Steer, Heifer Prices Higher
Feeder steers and heifers sold higher, slaughter cows and bulls steady, bred stock cows lower. Receipts totaled 815 head. On Wednesday, August 1, lambs sold $2-4 lower, ewes steady, nanny goats steady, kids $3-6 lower, Barbados lower. Receipts totaled 1477 head.

Graham Feeder Steers, Heifers Trend Steady
Feeder steers and heifers sold steady, slaughter cows and bulls $1-1.50 higher, bred stock cows $10-20 higher, pairs $10-15 higher. Receipts totaled 1451 head.

Abilene Feeder Steer, Heifer Prices Lower
Feeder steers and heifers sold $1-2 lower, slaughter cows and bulls steady to weak. Receipts totaled 1318 head.

Junction Sheep, Goat Prices Called Steady
All classes of sheep and goats sold steady. Receipts totaled 5502 head.

Llano Feeder Steers, Heifers Lower Again
Feeder steers and heifers sold $2-3 lower again, slaughter cows $2 higher, bulls steady. Receipts totaled 1063 head.

Most Colorado City Cattle Sell Higher
Feeder steers and heifers sold steady to $2 higher, slaughter cows $1-2 higher, bulls $1 higher, stock cows and pairs steady. Receipts totaled 818 head.

Milano Feeder Steers Higher, Heifers Firm
Feeder steers sold firm to $2 higher, heifers steady to firm, slaughter cows and bulls steady. Receipts totaled 802 head.

Goldthwaite Fat Lambs Higher, Goats Weaker
Feeder lambs were not tested, slaughter lambs $2-5 higher, stock and feeder goats steady, slaughter goats steady to weak. Receipts totaled 2082 head.

Kansas Direct Feeder Steers, Heifers Weak
Feeder steers and heifers sold steady to weak. The weather was hot with daytime highs of 103-108 degrees. Rain is needed desperately in most of the state. Sales were confirmed 9293 head.

Most Fredericksburg Cattle Move Lower
Feeder steers and heifers sold $1-2 lower, slaughter cows and bulls $1 lower. Receipts totaled 1884 head.

Lampasas Feeder Steer, Heifer Prices Steady
Feeder steers and heifers sold steady, slaughter cows steady, bulls 50 cents to $1 higher. Receipts totaled 1210 head.

Texas Angora Raisers Top-Priced Buck $1500
The Texas Angora Goat Raiser’s Association show and sale featurted 25 does averaging $247 per head and 35 bucks at $346.43 per head.

Mason Offers 2448 Replacement Cattle
The Jordan Livestock Auction offered 2448 replacement cattle in a special sale here. Consignments were generally good quality, but most were thin fleshed due to drouth conditions. Prices were on the strong side.

Decatur Feeder Steers, Heifers Mostly Lower
Feeder steers and heifers sold $1-2 lower, slaughter cows and bulls steady, stock cows and pairs steady. Receipts totaled 1535 head.

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