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THE BOTTOM LINE in the cattle business is the cow and her offspring, a simple and basic fact often overshadowed by talk of alliances, consolidation and market share. Without the raw material represented by this West Central Texas pair and their oft-ignored owner, everything else is superfluous.

Lamb Prices Mixed, Mostly On Lower Side
Fat and feeder lamb prices were highly mixed across the country. Feeder lambs sold steady at some markets, as much as $5 lower to $7 higher at other markets. Slaughter lambs were weak to as much as $7 lower, but some sales were steady. Slaughter ewes were $2-8 lower.

Plains Fed Cattle Still Unsold At Midweek In Face Of $64 Bids
Plains fed cattle trading remained at a standstill through midweek, packers dropping bids another $2 to $64 and feedlots hoping to hold out for steady money at least and an increase if possible.

Texas Goat Prices Mostly Called Steady
Slaughter goat prices were mostly steady, though there was a little weakness in some markets and Goldthwaite was $5-7 lower. Lightweight kids in Junction were $1-3 higher.



Sheep Have Been Mainstay For Theos Family Since Twenties
Tony Theos is only 22. He's one of a rare few who at that age know exactly what they want to do with their lives. He wants to continue what his great grandfather started in the early 1900s. He wants to raise sheep.

Free Trade Is Vital Component Of Campaign Against Terrorism
When terrorists struck against our country on September 11, they picked for their targets two of America's most visible symbols. The Pentagon is a projection of our military prowess and the World Trade Center was a sign of our financial posperity. Together, they represented Americanís willingness to defend liberty at home and spread it around the globe. Thatís just one of the reasons why so many people have called these terrorist massacres an attack on freedom itself.

Cattlemen Warned About Lesion Problems, Now In Chuck Muscles
The beef industry has made huge strides in overcoming problems with injection site lesions in the top sirloin butt in recent years. In fact, Colorado State University reports that lesion incidence in this area of the carcass during the period of November 1995 through July 2000 decreased from 11.4 percent to 2.1 percent.

Florida Developer Among Those Getting Large Farm Subsidies
A Florida real estate developer, Texas' massive King Ranch and dozens of other giant operations are cashing in on a program created last year to bypass payment limits on federal subsidies for grain, cotton and other crops.

Wal-Mart's Case-Ready Meat Has Huge Growth Potential
For those who havenít noticed, Wal-Mart is in the fresh meat business. In fact, effective August 16, all 1000 Wal-Mart Supercenters are carrying case-ready fresh beef, pork and poultry products.

Beef Exports Down 11 Percent During First Half Of 2001
USDA numbers for the first half of 2001 show that beef exports are down 11 percent. A drop in funding and the soft worldwide economy are listed as the primary causes for the decline.

Brits Loosen Rules On Hoof And Mouth
Hoof and mouth restrictions are to be partially relaxed to allow farmers to overcome ``practical difficulties'' in rearing animals and getting them to market, the British government announced Monday.

Lamb Promotion Checkoff Plan Detailed In Federal Register
USDA published its proposed national lamb promotion checkoff plan in the Sept. 21 Federal Register. As detailed in the proposal, fees would be assessed against every entity in the industry, including packers.

Jesse Bail Close To Linderman Award; Etbauer Still Has Hope
Saddle bronc rider Billy Etbauer won the average title in his adopted home state Sunday at the State Fair of Oklahoma in Oklahoma City.

Nation's Feeder Cattle Trends Turn Sharply Lower Last Week
Feeder cattle and calf prices were sharply lower across the country last week.

Nationís Fed Cattle Trade Turns Sour; Feedlots Show Big Losses
The slaughter cattle market took another hit last week as trading turned $2 lower. Packer demand was good and they seem to have the upper hand in trading.

Angelo Lambs Steady, Feeder Cattle Steady
Feeder and slaughter lambs sold steady this week, slaughter ewes $2-5 lower, instances $8 lower. Nanny goats sold firm and kids weak. Two day receipts totaled 15,165 head, around 50 percent slaughter ewes, 15 percent slaughter lambs, five percent feeder lambs and 30 percent goats.

San Saba, Brownwood, Mason Feeders Lower
Lightweight feeder steers and heifers sold $2-3 lower last week in Mason, Brownwood and San Saba, heavyweights steady to $1 lower, slaughter cows and bulls $3-5 lower, pairs and stock cows steady to $20 higher. Receipts totaled 2982 head at the three sales.

Kansas Direct Feeder Steers, Heifers Lower
Feeder steers and heifers sold $3-6 lower in Kansas direct trade last week in a limited test. The weather was mild, and harvest and winter wheat planting are in full swing. Sales were confirmed 3624 head.

Most Milano Cattle Prices Termed Lower
Feeder steers and heifers sold $3-5 lower, slaughter cows and bulls $3-4 lower. Receipts totaled 1207 head.

Hamilton Feeder Steer, Heifer Prices Decline
Feeder steers and heifers sold lower, slaughter cows and bulls lower, stock cows and pairs higher. Receipts totaled 517 head.

Fredericksburg Lambs Off, Fat Goats Steady
Feeder lambs sold $3-5 lower, lightweight slaughter lambs $5-7 lower, heavyweights steady to weak; stock and feeder goats $2-3 higher, slaughter goats steady. Receipts totaled 2612 head.

Goldthwaite Lambs, Mixed Goats Lower
Feeder lambs sold $5-7 higher, heavyweight slaughter lambs $2-5 lower; stock and feeder goats $3-5 lower, slaughter goats $5-7 lower. Receipts totaled 2019 head.

Most Cuero Steers, Heifers Sell Lower
Most feeder steers and heifers sold lower, some higher, slaughter cows 50 cents lower. Receipts totaled 2231 head.

Junction Kids Mixed, Sheep, Angoras Steady
Sheep and Angora goats sold steady, lightweight meat type kids $1-3 higher, over 50 pounds $1-3 lower, slaughter nannies $1-2 lower, stockers steady. Receipts totaled 4587 head.

Lampasas Feeder Steer, Heifer Prices Steady
Feeder steers and heifers sold steady, slaughter cows and bulls $3-4 lower. Receipts totaled 1354 head.

San Saba Female Sale Called Mostly Steady
Bred stock cows, pairs and open heifers were in good demand at the special replacement sale, plainer and short bred heifers $25-75 lower. Receipts totaled 2866 head.

U.S. To Mexico Exports Showing Sharp Decline
Livestock exports to Mexico for the year through September 22 were down 20 percent at 405,829 head.

Graham Feeder Steer, Heifer Prices Decline
Feeder steers and heifers sold $2-4 lower, slaughter cows $1-2 lower, stock cows and pairs steady. Receipts totaled 1920 head.

Colorado City Feeder Cattle Prices Higher
Feeder steers and heifers sold mostly steady to $1 higher, slaughter cows $2-3 lower, bulls steady, stock cows and pairs steady. Receipts totaled 873 head.

Fredericksburg Heavy Feeder Cattle Lower
Heavyweight feeder steers and heifers sold $1-3 lower, lightweights steady, slaughter cows and bulls $1 lower. Receipts totaled 1862 head.

Domestic Wool Slow, Aussie Wools Lower
Domestic wool trading was slow last week. Only limited supplies were available in the domestic market.

Most Abilene Cattle Prices Called Lower
Feeder steers and heifers sold $2-3 lower, slaughter cows and bulls $1-2 lower, stock cows and pairs $10-20 lower. Receipts totaled 1308 head.

Llano Cattle Prices Turn To Lower Side
Feeder steers and heifers sold $2-4 lower. Receipts totaled 563 head.

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