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Plains Feedlots Still Awaiting
Clear Offers At Middle Of Week

Plains feedlots were expecting another late-week market at presstime, asking $92-94 against no clear bid structure. Last week’s Friday trade ended up at mostly $91-91.25, down a couple of dollars from the week before.

Slaughter Meat Goat Prices
Much Lower In Recent Trading

Slaughter meat goat prices took a deep hit on all recent markets. New Holland, Pennsylvania, termed prices mostly $5-10 lower per head, San Angelo $10-20 lower per hundredweight, Goldthwaite $20-25 lower, and Fredericksburg $25-30 lower.

Feeder, Fat Lambs Weaker, Meat Better
The sheep and lamb market showed some weakness again this week with prices slipping in most markets on feeders, fats and slaughter ewes. 


Researcher Describes Concerns
Over Cattle Fever Tick Program

Those attending the recent Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers summer meeting here received updates on everything from the fever tick eradication program to immigration, as well as a new recovery credit program whereby landowners are partnering with the Army to improve habitat for endangered birds in and around Fort Hood.

Trans Texas Corridor Caught
Many Off Guard In Beginning

When legislation proposing the Trans Texas Corridor and other toll-funded highways was first introduced in 2003, lobbyists didn't know what to make of it. They generally expected it to fail under the weight of its own massive vision, but as the Texas Department of Transportation and Gov. Rick Perry pursued it, they began to take notice.

Japan, South Korea Take Softer
Positions On U.S. Beef Imports

From the on-again, off-again world of Asian beef trade comes positive news from both Japan and South Korea. Japan intends to begin negotiations with the U.S. shortly to ease restrictions on U.S. beef imports, Japan’s Kyodo News agency reported Tuesday, and South Korea late last week lifted the temporary ban it had imposed on U.S. beef shipments only four days earlier.

Angelo Feeder Lamb, Cattle Prices Lower
Feeder lambs were weak to $3 lower, nannies weak to $3 lower, heavy slaughter lambs $2-5 lower, light slaughter lambs $5-10 lower, slaughter ewes steady, kid goats $10-20 lower. Receipts totaled 12,405 head.

Athens Feeder Cattle Mostly $2-5 Lower
Feeder steers and heifers were $2-5 lower, instances $9 lower, slaughter cows steady to $2 lower, bulls $2-3 lower. Receipts totaled 1476 head.

Billings Light Feeder Lambs $3-7 Higher
Feeder lambs under 100 pounds sold $3-7 higher, the greatest advance on weights under 90 pounds, slaughter ewes sold mostly steady. Other trends went unreported on receipts totaling 3350 head.

Buffalo Feeder Steer, Heifer Trend Off $4-6
Feeder steers and heifers were $4-6 lower, instances $8 lower, slaughter cows and bulls $2-3 lower. Receipts totaled 1196 head.

Clifton Feeder Cattle Prices Mostly Steady
Feeder steers and heifers were mostly steady to instances $2 lower, 600-750 pound heifers $2 higher, slaughter cows and bulls steady. Receipts totaled 881 head.

Coleman Feeder Steer Prices Firm To Higher
Feeder steers under 500 pounds were steady to firm, over 500 pounds steady to $1 higher, feeder heifers under 500 pounds steady, over 500 pounds $2-5 higher, slaughter cows and bulls steady, replacement cows $20-30 lower, cow-calf pairs steady to $50-75 lower. Receipts totaled 2052 head.

Dalhart Feeder Cattle Prices Steady To Firm
Feeder steers and heifers were steady to firm, slaughter cows and bulls steady to firm. Receipts totaled 1924 head.

Most Fredericksburg Feeder Cattle Strong
Feeder steers and heifers sold steady, slaughter cows and bulls strong. Receipts totaled 621 head.

Fredericksburg Feeder Lambs Steady To Weak
Stocker and feeder lambs were steady to weak, slaughter lambs steady, stocker and feeder goats $15-20 lower, slaughter goats $25-30 lower. Receipts totaled 4061 head.

Goldthwaite Sheep, Goats Mostly Lower
Lightweight slaughter lambs were $20-25 lower, replacement goats $20 lower, slaughter goats $20-25 lower. Sheep and goat receipts totaled 2918 head.

Graham Feeder Cattle Prices Mostly Higher
Feeder steers under 600 pounds were steady to $4 higher, over 600 pounds $3 higher, heifers under 600 pounds $1-3 higher, over 600 pounds steady to $3 higher, slaughter cows and bulls steady to instances $5 lower, replacement cows and cow-calf pairs $50 lower. Receipts totaled 1538.

Hamilton Sheep Off, Most Cattle Steady
Feeder lambs sold $7-10 lower Monday, ewes $15 lower, kid goats $20 lower, nannies $15 lower. Other trends were unreported on receipts of 2984 head.

Haskell Auction Sells 1245 Head Of Cattle
Market price trends were not reported on cattle receipts of 1245 head.

Imported Meat Total 1.16% Above Last Year
Imported meat for the week ending April 28 totaled 32,753 metric tons. This compares to 28,264 metric tons for the same period last year and is a 1.16 percent increase. The following figures represent metric tons.

Most Mason, San Saba Feeder Cattle Down $2
Feeder steers and heifers sold $2 lower in San Saba and Mason, stocker steers and heifers steady but fleshy calves $3-4 lower, packer cows and bulls steady. Receipts at the two sales totaled 5235 head.

Junction Kids Lower, Lambs And Ewes Steady
Lambs and ewes sold steady, bucks $1-3 lower, kid goats lower, other sheep and goat classes mostly steady. Receipts totaled 3091 head.

Lampasas Auction Receipts 668 Cattle
No market trends were reported due to the reporter's absence at the previous sale. Receipts totaled 668 head.

Wool LDP Drops Mohair Unchanged
WASHINGTON — As of Wednesday the LDP for ungraded wool dropped to 14 cents. There is still no LDP being paid on mohair, as the posted price remains higher than the target price.

Most Lockhart Feeder Cattle Decline $2-4
Feeder steers and heifers were $2-4 lower, slaughter cows steady to $2 lower, bulls $2 lower. Receipts totaled 741 head.

Lometa Sheep, Goat Receipts 1516 Head
Price trends were unreported on sheep and goat receipts of 1516 head.

Red Meat Production 1.7% Below A Year Ago
Total red meat production under federal inspection last week was estimated at 917 million pounds, 13.6 percent higher than the previous week and 1.7 percent lower than last year. Cumulative meat production for the year to date was 1.1 percent higher.

Nacogdoches Feeder Cattle $2-3 Lower
Feeder steers and heifers were $2-3 lower, slaughter cows $2-3 lower, slaughter bulls $2-4 lower. Receipts totaled 850 head.

Nation’s Feeder Cattle Price
Trends Called Unevenly Steady

Feeder and stocker cattle sold unevenly steady to $2 lower across the country last week, calves feeling the most pressure. The weaker trends were also more noticeable at middle and late-week markets that traded firmer the previous week, while most major early-week auctions had been

Roy Duvall Ends Career At Top;
Brazile Leads PRCA All-Around

Steer wrestling icon Roy Duvall, the three-time world champion and ProRodeo Hall of Famer, has wrestled his last steer. He went out on top, splitting first place in the round to cap off a record career at the Duvall Jackpot held in Checotah, Okla.

Three Rivers Feeder Steers Sell $4 Lower
Feeder steers were $4 lower, heifers weak to $4 lower, slaughter cows weak to $2 lower, slaughter bulls $3 lower. Receipts totaled 857 head.

Tulia Feeder Steers Mostly Steady To Off
Feeder steers and heifers were steady to $2 lower, the decline mostly on weights over 600 pounds, slaughter cows $3-5 lower, instances $6 lower. Receipts totaled 3525 head.

Domestic Wool Market Slow,
Aussie Dollar Gains Again

Domestic wool trading remained slow last week as the majority of the wool in the western and Mountain states has been sold. A few wool pools were to be sold in North Dakota and Wyoming.

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