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Lamb Prices Steady
To Much Lower

San Angelo light slaughter lambs sold steady this week, heavyweights $5-10 lower, feeder lambs steady. Goldthwaite feeder and slaughter lamb prices were all steady to weak. Hamilton Dorper and Barbado lambs were $40 lower.

Slaughter Meat Goat Prices
Steady To Off In Recent Sales

Slaughter meat goat prices were steady to lower in most recent sales. Goldthwaite was steady to weak, San Angelo weak to $10 lower on weights under 60 pounds and $5-15 lower on heavier kinds, Hamilton $40 lower, and New Holland, Pennsylvania mostly steady to $5 lower per head on better kinds. Fredericksburg called no trends.

Light Angelo Packer
Lamb Prices Steady

Light slaughter lambs under 80 pounds were steady Tuesday, over 80 pounds $5-10 lower, slaughter ewes weak, feeder lambs steady, nannies firm to $5 higher, kid goatss under 60 pounds weak to $10 lower, over 60 pounds $5-15 lower. Sheep and goat receipts totaled 6000 head.

Range Sales

Economist Predicts Strong 2012;
Drouth Could Be A Game Changer

Despite a record-setting ongoing drouth in Texas and Oklahoma, commodity prices, particularly cattle prices, have remained very strong with the calf market termed “exceptional.”

Researchers Assess Supposed
Hazards To Sagebrush Lizard

Citing dunes sagebrush lizard research done by Texas Tech University scientists, a recent letter from Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, may have helped to sway the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to delay a decision on listing the three-inch long reptile as an endangered species.

Roswell To Host Beef
Symposium Jan. 17-18

Texas and New Mexico Extension agencies will conduct their annual Southwest Beef Symposium Jan. 17-18 in the Roswell Convention Center here.

Supreme Court To Review Texas
Redistricting Map; Vote On Hold

The U.S. Supreme Court has blocked the use of Texas state legislative and Congressional district maps that were drawn by federal judges to boost minorities' voting power.

Luke Branquinho Wins Third
World Title; Others Crowned

If ever there was a reason for Luke Branquinho to shake his booty at the Thomas & Mack Center, this was it.

Plains Fed Cattle Trade Quiet
At Midweek, Parties $5-6 Apart

Plains fed cattle tried was quiet at midweek, packers bidding $117 and feedlots asking $122-123. Last week’s trade was off $4 or more at $120 in light movement.

Most Feeder Cattle Prices Weak
To $3 Lower Across The Country

Feeder cattle and calf prices were uneven but mostly weak to $3 lower across the country last week, which marked the first week of predominantly lower cash feeder markets since late September.

Domestic Wool Slow,
Aussie Market Lower

Domestic wool trading on a clean basis was slow last week, with no confirmed sales and good demand.

Coleman Light Steers,
Heifers $2-5 Higher

Lightweight steers and heifers were $2-5 higher, packer cows steady to firm, stocker cows and pairs $50 higher. Receipts totaled 791 head.

Red Meat Production
.4% Below A Year Ago

Total red meat production under federal inspection last week was estimated at 992.5 million pounds, 1.6 percent lower than the previous week and .4 percent lower than last year. Cumulative meat production for the year to date was .3 percent higher than last year.

New Summerfield Cattle
Receipts Total 1156

Dalhart Sells Yearling
Steers Firm To Higher

Yearling steers and heifers sold firm to $2 higher, steer and heifer calves mostly $2-5 lower. Receipts totaled 1420 head.

Imported Meat Total
17.6% Below Last Year

Imported meat for the week ending October 29 totaled 17,324 metric tons. This compares to 20,038 metric tons for the same period last year and is a 17.6 percent decrease. The following figures represent metric tons.

Goldthwaite Packer
Lambs Steady To Weak

Feeder lambs were steady to weak, slaughter lambs steady to weak, slaughter kid goats steady to weak, feeder kids steady to firm. Receipts totaled 2310 head.

Billings Heavy Feeder
Lambs $10-20 Higher

Feeder lambs under 80 pounds sold $2-8 lower, lambs over 80 pounds $10-20 higher, slaughter ewes steady to $4 higher. Receipts totaled 2756 head.

Comanche Steer Prices
Steady To $6 Higher

Feeder steers and heifers were steady to $6 higher, slaughter cows and bulls $3-5 higher. Receipts totaled 734 head.

Navasota Cattle Price
Trends Called Steady

Cattle prices were steady and active on receipts of 2357 head.

Hamilton Kid Goat,
Lamb Prices Off $40

Kid goats were $40 lower Monday, nannies $25 higher, Dorper and Barbado lambs $40 lower, Barbado ewes steady. Sheep and goat receipts totaled 3207 head.

Graham Cattle Auction
Offerings 1595 Head

Fredericksburg Sheep,
Goat Receipts 3160

San Saba And Mason
Stocker Cattle Higher

Mason and San Saba stocker steers sold $5 higher, heifers $5-6 higher, feeder steers and heifers steady, packer cows $4 higher, bulls $3 higher, bred cows and pairs steady. Receipts totaled 4002 head for the two sales.

Joplin Heifer Prices
Steady To $2 Lower

Steers 450-800 pounds were steady, over 800 pounds $2-4 lower, steer calves under 450 pounds $4-8 lower, heifers steady to $2 lower. Receipts totaled 8661 head.

Oklahoma City Heifers
Steady To $2 Higher

Feeder steers were $1-4 lower, the least decline on 700-800 pounds, feeder heifers steady to $2 higher, steer and heifer calves $2-5 lower. Receipts totaled 10,604 head.

Wool And Mohair LDP
Rates Remain At Zero

LDPs for ungraded wool and mohair remained at zero as the posted price for both commodities remains above the target price.

Boxed Beef Cutout
Prices Again Lower

The national comprehensive boxed beef cutout report for last week showed prices down $2.20 from the previous week at $185.49. A year ago the cutout value was $159.89.

Wichita Falls Calves
Sell Steady To Higher

Most calves were steady, some lightweights $5-10 higher, packer cows $3-5 higher, bred cows and pairs $50-100 higher. Receipts totaled 448 head.

Cleburne Cattle Sale
Offering 641 Head

Rio Grande City Quotes
Cattle Prices Higher

Prices were higher on cattle receipts of 811 head.

Light Belen Feeder
Steer Prices Steady

Feeder steers and heifers under 400 pounds were steady, over 400 pounds $2 lower, slaughter cows steady, bulls $1-3 higher, bred cows and pairs $100 lower. Receipts totaled 1043 head.

Crockett Feeder Steer
Prices Steady To Firm

Feeder cattle were steady to firm, slaughter cows and bulls steady to $1 weaker. Receipts totaled 1569 head.

Amarillo Packer Cow
Prices $1-2 Higher

No price trend comparison was available, but a much higher undertone was noted on feeder steers and heifers, slaughter cows $1-2 higher. Receipts totaled 1132 head.

Light Durant Feeder
Steers $1-4 Higher

Light feeder steers were $1-4 higher, light heifers $3-6 higher, slaughter cows and bulls stronger, bred cows and pairs in strong demand. Receipts totaled 1000 head.

Industry Feeder Cattle
Prices Mostly Steady

Feeder cattle prices were mostly steady to softer in spots, packer cows and bulls $2-3 higher, stocker cows higher. Receipts totaled 1540 head.

Eastland Feeder Cattle
Steady To $8 Lower

Feeder cattle were steady to $8 lower, slaughter cows and bulls steady to $2 lower, bred cows $75-100 higher, pairs were $50 lower. Receipts totaled 542 head.

Milano Feeder Cattle
Prices Fully Steady

Feeder cattle were fully steady, slaughter cows and bulls $6-8 higher. Receipts totaled 933 head.

Three Rivers Yearling
Prices Steady To Lower

Calves and yearlings were steady to $2-4 lower, packer cows and bulls $2-6 higher. Receipts totaled 1941 head.


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December 15 — Last issue of  Livestock Weekly for 2011. Publication will resume January 5, 2012.

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January 12 — Special Stocker and Feeder Sale and Premium Weaned Sale, Jordan Cattle Auction, San Saba, Texas. FMI: 325/372-5159.

January 19 — Special Bull Offering, , Jordan Cattle Auction, San Saba, Texas. FMI: 325/372-5159.

January 24-28 — American Sheep Industry/National Lamb Feeders Convention, Scottsdale, Ariz. FMI: 303/771-3500.

January 28 — Special Replacement Female Sale, Jordan Cattle Auction, San Saba, Texas. FMI: 325/372-5159.




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