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Lamb Prices Trend
Steady To Higher

Lamb sales this week were all steady to higher, with Angelo slaughter lambs quoted firm to $10 higher, feeder lambs $10 higher. Fredericksburg lambs were steady. Hamilton wool lambs and Barbado lambs sold steady, Dorper lambs steady to $10 higher on heavyweights. Goldthwaite declined to call price trends.

Slaughter Meat Goat Prices
Higher In Most Recent Sales

Slaughter meat goat prices were generally higher in most recent trading. Hamilton and Fredericksburg were $5 higher, San Angelo $10-15 higher, and New Holland, Pennsylvania mostly steady to $10 higher per head. Goldthwaite called no trend.

Plains Fed Cattle Trade Quiet
At Midweek After Winter Storm

Vicious winter storms played havoc with all aspects of the cattle business early this week. Panhandle fed cattle trade had yet to coalesce at midweek, with no firm packer bids and initial asking prices of $127. Last week’s market was a steady $123.

Range Sales

Landowners Win Landmark Case
Against Pipeline; Set Precedent

The Supreme Court of Texas recently ruled in favor of the landowner when it denied a petition for review in a pipeline easement litigation case.

Ornamental Blacksmithing Became
More Than A Hobby For R.G. Box

There is a roadrunner in R.G. Box’s blacksmith shop. It’s handmade and intricate and hard to miss. Because it’s six feet tall.

E.J. Roberts Wins Gold Buckle
In San Antonio Tie-Down Event

E.J. Roberts may be from Dallas, but he made San Antonio his home this month. Just 275 miles from his house, Roberts beat a stacked field of tie-down ropers to win a buckle from the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo.

Coleman Stocker Cattle
Market Quoted Steady

Stocker cattle were steady, feeder steers $2-5 lower, packer cows steady to firm, stocker cows and pairs steady. Receipts totaled 1628 head.

Wichita Falls Better
Calves Termed Steady

Better calves were steady, plainer calves $5-7 lower, packer cows $3-5 higher, bred cows steady to $75 higher. Receipts totaled 927 head.

Goldthwaite Sheep,
Goat Receipts 1279

Sheep and goat receipts totaled 1279 head.
Replacement sheep: feeder lambs 40-65 pounds $186-188, 65-120 pounds $126-146; stocker pairs $80 per head; Barbado ewes $90-110 cwt., pairs $76-80 per head; Barbado bucks $160-300 per head.

San Saba And Mason
Feeder Cattle Lower

Mason and San Saba stocker steers were steady to $3 lower, stocker heifers steady, feeder cattle $3 lower, packer cows $2 higher, bulls $1 higher, pairs and bred cows in good demand. Receipts totaled 830 head for the two sales.

Clifton Stocker Steer
Prices $5-9 Higher

Stocker steers were $5-9 higher, feeder steers steady to $2 higher, stocker heifers $3-6 higher, feeder heifers $2-4 higher, packer cows $4 higher. Receipts totaled 547 head.

Fredericksburg Steers,
Heifers All Sell Steady

Steers and heifers were steady, cows and bulls $2 higher. Cattle receipts totaled 400 head.

Fredericksburg Lambs
Steady, Kid Goats Up

Lambs were steady, kid goats $5 higher. Sheep and goat receipts totaled 1894 head.

Nation’s Feeder Cattle Prices
Ranged $3 Higher To $3 Lower

Feeder cattle and calves traded unevenly steady across the country last week, mostly within a range of $3 lower to $3 higher.

Heavy Clovis Feeder
Steers $3-6 Higher

Feeder steers under 500 pounds were unevenly steady, lower undertone noted on 300-400 pounds, over 500 pounds $3-6 higher, heifers mostly $1-3 higher except 300-400 pounds steady, slaughter cows and bulls steady. Receipts totaled 2243 head.

Imported Meat Total
31.2% Above Last Year

Imported meat for the week ending February 16 totaled 27,526 metric tons. This compares to 18,965 metric tons for the same period last year and is a 31.2 percent increase. The following figures represent metric tons.

Domestic Wool Moderate,
Aussie Market Higher

Domestic wool trading on a clean basis was moderate last week, with 75,000 pounds of confirmed sales and light to moderate demand.

Red Meat Production
2.2% Below A Year Ago

Total red meat production under federal inspection last week was estimated at 891.4 million pounds, 3.8 percent lower than the previous week and 2.2 percent lower than last year. Cumulative meat production for the year to date was 2.5 percent lower than last year.

Tulia Feeder Steers,
Heifers Mostly Steady

Feeder steers and heifers were mostly steady, steer and heifer calves sold with a higher undertone, slaughter cows steady to firm. Receipts totaled 1413 head.

Joplin Yearling Feeder
Cattle Decline $3-5

Steer and heifer calves under 500 pounds were $8-10 lower, calves over 500 pounds steady to $5 lower, yearlings $3-5 lower on a limited test. Receipts totaled 1412 head.

Cattle On Feed Off Six Percent
Nationwide In 1000-Head Lots

Cattle and calves on feed for slaughter February 1 in feedlots with a capacity of 1000 or more head totaled 11.1 million head, down six percent from the same period in 2012.

Boxed Beef Cutout
Prices Trend Lower

The national comprehensive boxed beef cutout report for last week showed prices down 48 cents from the previous week at $184.01. A year ago the cutout value was $194.46.

Dalhart Light Heifer
Prices Firm To $3 Up

Feeder steers under 550 pounds were firm, heifers under 550 pounds firm to $3 higher, steers and heifers over 550 pounds steady to $2 lower, slaughter cows and bulls steady to $2 higher. Receipts totaled 1298 head.

New Holland Slaughter
Lambs Mostly Higher

Slaughter lambs sold mostly $20-30 higher, slaughter ewes mostly steady, slaughter kid goats mostly steady to $10 higher, nanny goats steady to $10 lower. Receipts totaled 3146 head.

Oklahoma City Feeder
Cattle Sharply Lower

Feeder cattle and calves were not well tested, but limited sales were sharply lower. Receipts totaled 3634 head.

Angelo Packer Lambs
Sell Firm To Up $10

Slaughter lambs were firm to $10 higher Tuesday, slaughter ewes weak, feeder lambs $10 higher, nannies $5-10 higher, kid goats $10-15 higher. Sheep and goat receipts totaled 3607 head.

Hamilton Kid Goat
Prices Increase $5

Wool lambs and Barbado lambs were steady, Dorper lambs steady to $10 higher on heavyweights, ewes steady, kid goats $5 higher, nannies steady. Sheep and goat receipts totaled 2833 head.

San Saba Special Sale
Offers 1935 Females

Most cow-calf pairs, were $1500-2250 in special trading, most spring-calving cows, in good flesh $1400-1800, short bred, medium bred and cows, in medium flesh $1200-1500, bigger spring-calving heifers, $1500-1975, shorter bred heifers, and those carrying less flesh $1200-1500, fancy open heifers, $1030-1400, younger, lighter weight heifers, $850-1030. Receipts totaled 1935 head.

Wool And Mohair LDP
Rates Remain At Zero

LDPs for upgraded wool and mohair remained at zero as the posted price for both commodities remains above the target price.

EPA Releases CAFO
Info To Animal Activists

Last week the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association was notified by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency that the agency had been collecting information from states on concentrated animal feeding operations. This information was requested by extremist groups, including Earth Justice, the Pew Charitable Trust and the Natural Resources Defense Council, through a Freedom of Information Act request and granted to them.

Graham Auction Sells
531 Head Of Cattle

Cattle receipts totaled 531 head.
Steers: under 300 pounds $190-230, 300-400 pounds $170-190, 400-500 pounds $160-180, over 500 pounds $110-165.

Navasota Cattle Sale
Receipts $2-4 Lower

Cattle prices were $2-4 lower on receipts of 807 head.
Steers: 150-300 pounds $150-270, 300-400 pounds $150-210, 400-500 pounds $125-195, 500-600 pounds $120-162.50, 600-700 pounds $115-143.

Belen Feeder Cattle
Steady To $1 Lower

Feeder steers and heifers were steady to $1 lower, slaughter cows and bulls $1-3 higher, bred cows and pairs $50 higher. Receipts totaled 600 head.


Letter To The Editor


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March 1 — EX Annual Spring Bull Sale, Yokon, Okla. FMI: 800/664-3977, 405/350-0044.

March 6 — Wichita Falls Ranch & Farm Expo Production Sale, J S Bridwell Agricultural Center, Wichita Falls, Texas. FMI: 866/685-0989; 785/332-6506;

March 6-7 — Wichita Falls Ranch & Farm Expo, J S Bridwell Agricultural Center, Wichita Falls, Texas. FMI: 866/685-0989; 785/332-6506;

March 7 — Lone Star Angus Inaugural Production Sale, Cooke County Fairgrounds, Gainesville, Texas. FMI: 940/665-9211;

March 7 — Special Stocker/Feeder and Premium Weaned Sale, Jordan Cattle Auction, San Saba, Texas. FMI: 325/372-5159;

March 8 — Double Creek Farms Production Sale, Meridian, Tex. FMI: 254/749-2240, 254/435-2988.

March 8-17 — Rio Grande Valley Livestock Show, Mercedes, Texas. FMI: 956/565-2456.

March 8 — Leland Red Angus Production Sale, Sidney, Montana. FMI: 701/565-2347.

March 9 — Southeast Texas Cattlemen’s commercial bull and heifer sale, Ford Park Complex, Beaumont, Tex. FMI: 409/781-3982, 409/658-0959.

March 9 — South Texas Cattle Marketing’s 2013 Spring Gathering, Nixon Livestock Commission, Nixon, Texas. FMI: or 830/334-8227.

March 9 —  Eavan Farms Production Sale, Proctor, Tex. FMI 254/967-2660.

March 9 — Red Alliance spring production sale, Heart of Oklahoma Expo Center, Shawnee, Okla. FMI: 214/762-8541; 641/919-1077.

March 11 — 7th Annual Black Angus “Ready For Work” Bull Special Consignment Sale, Cattlemen’s Livestock, Belen, New Mexico. FMI: 575/535-2975; 505/864-7451.

March 11 — Holden Herefords Production Sale, Valier, Montana. FMI: 406/279-3301.

March 12 — Cooper Hereford Ranch Production Sale, Willow Creek, Montana. FMI: 406/539-6885.

March 14 — Special Calf Sale, in conjunction with the regular sale, Producers Livestock Auction, San Angelo, Texas. 325/653-3371;

March 14 — Special Bull Offering Featuring Cattleman’s Kind Simmentals, Jordan Cattle Auction, San Saba, Texas. FMI: 325/372-5159;

March 16 — 18th Annual Hales Angus Farms Sale, at the ranch, Canyon, Texas. FMI: 806/488-2471; 806/679-1919 Cell; 806/65-3815; 806/67-9303 Cell;

March 19 — McKenzie Land & Livestock’s Registered Angus Bull Sale, at the ranch, Fort Stockton, Texas. FMI: 432/395-2250; 432/553-6670; 432/395-2596; 915/637-3845.

March 18 — Willcox Livestock Auction all breed bull sale, Willcox, Ariz. FMI: 520/384-2206.

March 21 — Special Cow Sale, Producers Livestock Auction, San Angelo, Texas. 325/653-3371;

March 21 — Harrison Land & Livestock Angus Production Sale, Belt, Montana. FMI: 406/738-4310.

March 21 — Special Replacement Female Sale, Jordan Cattle Auction, San Saba, Texas. FMI: 325/372-5159;

March 22-24 — Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association 136th Annual Convention, Ft. Worth, Texas. FMI: 800/242-8523.




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