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Plains Fed Cattle Trade Going
Nowhere At Midweek, $6-7 Apart

Panhandle fed cattle trade was quiet at midweek, DTN reporting a few bids at $146 and asking prices of $152-153. Last week’s limited movement was off $2 at $148.

Packer Lamb Trade
Steady To Higher

San Angelo slaughter lambs were $10-20 higher Tuesday, feeder lambs weak. Hamilton wool lambs and Barbado lambs sold steady, Dorper lambs $10 higher. Goldthwaite wool lambs were steady, Dorper lambs $5-10 higher, and Barbado lambs $5 higher. Fredericksburg lambs all sold steady.

Slaughter Meat Goats Steady
To Up In Most Recent Trading

Slaughter meat goat prices were steady to higher in most recent trading. Hamilton and Fredericksburg were steady, San Angelo firm to $5 higher, Goldthwaite $5-10 higher, and New Holland, Pennsylvania mostly steady to $20 higher.

Range Sales

TSGRA Celebrates Its History As
Young Members Look Forward

Some 500 people gathered here recently to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Texas Sheep and Goat Raisers Association. It was a multi-generational event.

Slash B/Dagger Draw Team Wins N.M. Championship Ranch Rodeo
The Slash B/Dagger Draw team won the New Mexico Championship Ranch Rodeo here this month.

TSGRA Hears How To Protect
Ag Industry From Activist Groups

Kay Johnson Smith, president and CEO of Animal Agriculture Alliance, gave the keynote address during the Texas Sheep and Goat Raisers Association 100th anniversary celebration. The topic was animal rights activists — what their goals are, how they are going about accomplishing them, and what can be done to stop them.

John Zacek Grew Up In Banking
Business Of South Texas Region

With a last name like Zacek and a mother’s maiden name of Jurca, there’s simply no denying John Zacek’s Czech heritage.

Study Examines Lengthy Decline
Of Texas Cattle Auction Markets

Declining cow numbers have led to consolidation in Texas livestock auction markets following devastating drouths the past decade, according to a Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service study.

PLC and NCBA Push For Change
To Management Of U.S. Forests

As massive wildfires blaze across the West, the need to address the increasing wildfire threat is ever more apparent. According to the Agriculture and Interior Departments, there are currently 19,000 interagency personnel fighting wildfires across 13 states. The Soda Fire that burned across southern Idaho and eastern Oregon consumed roughly 300,000 acres of rangeland, threatening the homes and lives of residents, livestock and wildlife.

Range Specialist Offers Tips
About Wildfire Preparedness

Wildfire season is here, and there’s fuel to burn.

Sheep, Goat Field Day Expo Set
For August 28-29 In San Angelo

“Something for everybody interested in sheep and goat production” best describes dual educational events slated for Aug. 28-29 in San Angelo, organizers said.

Ram Test Gets Underway
With Delivery Sept. 14

The 2015-2016 annual Ram Performance Test, conducted by Texas A&M AgriLife Research, will begin Sept. 14 with delivery of the Rambouillet rams to the TAMU Research and Extension Center north of San Angelo on U.S. Highway 87.

TPWD And TAHC Finalize Proposal
For Deer Movement Qualification

Texas deer breeders will be able to resume animal movements under a plan finalized last week by staff of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and the Texas Animal Health Commission.

Casey Martin Manages Big Win
At Cody Stampede; Earns $5440

Casey Martin was looking for a big win to break the recent dry spell he'd experienced in the rodeo arena. He found it Aug. 16 when he picked up a huge victory at the Cody Stampede.

San Saba And Mason
Feeder Cattle Higher

Mason and San Saba stocker cattle were steady, feeder steers $3-4 higher, feeder heifers $3 higher, packer cows and bulls steady, pairs and bred cows in good demand, replacement heifers strong. Receipts totaled 1661 head for the two sales.

Columbus Calf Price
Trend Said Stronger

Calf prices were stronger, cows steady. Receipts totaled 828 head.

Most Fredericksburg
Feeder Cattle Steady

Steers and heifers were steady except plain cattle a little softer, cows and bulls steady. Cattle receipts totaled 1034 head.

Clifton Feeder Cattle
Prices Termed Steady

Stocker cattle were $2-4 higher, feeder cattle steady, packer cows steady. Receipts totaled 575 head.

Durant Cattle Sale
Offerings 933 Head

Cattle receipts totaled 933 head.
Steers: 200-300 pounds $342-402, 300-400 pounds $260-360, 400-500 pounds $235-295, 500-600 pounds $203-241, 600-700 pounds $191-237, 700-800 pounds $181-217.

New Summerfield Sale
Offerings 782 Cattle

Cattle receipts totaled 782 head.
Steers: under 300 pounds $220-365, 300-400 pounds $215-365, 400-500 pounds $210-331, 500-600 pounds $195-325, 600-700 pounds $180-205, 700-800 pounds $170-200.

Wichita Falls Feeder
Cattle Prices Steady

Calf prices were mixed, some steers steady to $3 higher, some heifers steady to $5 higher, other calves $3 lower, feeder cattle steady, packer cows steady, bred cows steady to $200 higher. Receipts totaled 680 head.

Coleman Feeder Cattle
Prices Termed Steady

Stocker and feeder cattle were steady, packer cows steady to $2 lower, stocker cows and pairs firm. Receipts totaled 1906 head.

Light Goldthwaite
Kid Goats $5 Higher

Wool lambs were steady, Dorper lambs $5-10 higher, Barbado lambs $5 higher, light kid goats $5 higher, slaughter kids $5-10 higher, slaughter nannies steady to $10 higher, replacement nannies steady. Sheep and goat receipts totaled 1854 head.

Gonzales Calves Sell
Steady To $2-3 Higher

Calves and yearlings were steady to $2-3 higher, packer cows steady. Receipts totaled 1084 head.

Fredericksburg Lambs,
Kid Goats Sell Steady

Lamb and kid goat prices were steady. Sheep and goat receipts totaled 4284 head.

Three Rivers Light
Calves $4-8 Lower

Lightweight calves and yearlings were $4-8 lower, heavy calves and yearlings steady to $4 lower, packer cows and bulls $2-4 lower. Receipts totaled 691 head.

Hamilton Lamb Market
Steady To $10 Higher

Wool and Barbado lambs were steady Monday, Dorper lambs $10 higher, ewes $10 higher, kid goats steady, nannies $20 higher. Sheep and goat receipts totaled 2176 head.

Industry Auction Sells
721 Head Of Cattle

Cattle receipts totaled 721 head.
Steers: choice 150-300 pounds $350-400, 300-400 pounds $290-365, 400-500 pounds $230-300, 500-600 pounds $210-238, 600-700 pounds $205-222; medium 150-300 pounds $260-348, 300-400 pounds $220-288, 400-500 pounds $200-228, 500-600 pounds $185-208, 600-700 pounds $180-204.

Light Crockett Steers,
Heifers Mostly Steady

Lightweight feeder cattle were mostly steady, heavier cattle mostly $3-5 lower, some $8 lower, slaughter cows $2 lower, slaughter bulls $3 higher. Receipts totaled 1811 head.

Yearling Feeder Cattle Markets
Steady To $3 Up Across Country

Yearling feeder cattle sold steady to $3 higher across the country last week, calves steady to $5 higher on a light test.

Domestic Wool Quiet,
Aussie Market Higher

Domestic wool trading on a clean basis was quiet last week, with no confirmed trades. Most are at a point where they are delivering previously-sold contract wool.

Heavy Tulia Steers
Steady To $1 Higher

Yearling steers over 700 pounds were steady to $1 higher, other feeder classes poorly tested, slaughter cows and bulls steady. Receipts totaled 741 head.

Red Meat Production
1% Above A Year Ago

Total red meat production under federal inspection last week was estimated at 913.3 million pounds, 2.5 percent higher than the previous week and one percent higher than last year. Cumulative meat production for the year to date was .9 percent higher than last year.

Boxed Beef Cutout
Prices Higher Again

The national comprehensive boxed beef cutout report for last week showed prices up $5.02 from the previous week at $238.25. A year ago the cutout value was $254.52.

Dalhart Steers Mostly
Steady, Some Higher

Feeder steers and heifers were mostly steady with several thin and gaunt packages $2-3 higher, slaughter cows $1-2 higher. Receipts totaled 1103 head.

Heavy Clovis Steers
Sell Mostly $1 Lower

Feeder steers over 600 pounds were mostly $1 lower, heifers under 600 pounds steady, a lower undertone noted on heifers over 600 pounds, slaughter cows and bulls steady to weak. Receipts totaled 928 head.

Imported Meat Totals
36,823 Metric Tons

Imported meat for the week ending August 8 totaled 36,823 metric tons. The following figures represent metric tons.

Joplin Steer Prices
Steady To $5 Lower

Steers were steady to $5 lower, heifers under 450 pounds $8-20 higher, over 450 pounds steady to $5 lower. Receipts totaled 3089 head.

Amarillo Packer Cows,
Bulls Termed Steady

Slaughter cows and bulls were steady. Receipts totaled 521 head.

Billings Feeder Lamb
Trend Steady To Weak

Feeder lambs under 70 pounds had a steady to weak undertone, 70-110 pounds steady to weak except 80-89 pounds fully steady, lambs over 110 pounds a lower undertone, slaughter ewes mostly $10 lower on good ewes, $5 lower on utility ewes, and steady on cull ewes. Receipts totaled 1706 head.

El Reno Feeder Steer
Prices Mostly Steady

Feeder steers sold mostly steady with the exception of steers 700-800 pounds $2-3 higher. Receipts totaled 3520 head.

Oklahoma City Feeder
Steers Decline $1-5

Feeder steers were $1-5 lower, feeder heifers steady in a limited test, steer and heifer calves steady to $5 lower. Receipts totaled 6044 head.

New Holland Lambs
Steady To Lower

Lambs sold mostly steady to $20 lower, slaughter ewes mostly steady, slaughter kids mostly steady to $20 higher, nannies mostly steady to $10 lower, bucks mostly steady to $20 higher. Sheep and goat receipts totaled 2998 head.

Angelo Kid Goats Sell
Firm To $10 Higher

Slaughter lambs were $10-20 higher Tuesday, feeder lambs weak, slaughter ewes steady, kid goats firm to $5 higher, nannies firm to $5 higher. Sheep and goat receipts totaled 4100 head.


Coming Up...
August 20-21
— Mid-South Ruminant Conference, Grapevine, Texas. FMI: 972/952-9212.

August 21-22 — Express Ranches Big Event Sale, Yukon, Okla. FMI 800/664-3977, 405/350-0044.

August 21-22 — North Texas State Fair and Rodeo, Denton, Texas.

August 22 — Early Fall Replacement Female Sale, Jordan Cattle Auction, San Saba, Texas. FMI: 325/372-5159;

August 26-29 — Will Rogers Memorial Rodeo, Vinita, Oklahoma.

August 28-29 — Texas A&M AgriLife Annual Sheep and Goat Field Day,  A&M Research and Extension Center San Angelo and San Angelo Fairgrounds. FMI: 325/653-4576.

August 28-29 — Oklahoma Cattlemen’s Association Range Round Up, Lazy E Arena, Guthrie, Oklahoma. FMI: 405/235-4391.

August 28-29 — Sheep and Goat Field Expo. Texas AgriLife Research and Extension, San Angelo

August 29 — Ranch Horse Competition, Lazy E Arena, Guthrie, Okla. FMI: 620/565-2245.

September 3 — Special Stocker and Feeder Sale and Premium Weaned Sale, Jordan Cattle Auction, San Saba, Texas. FMI: 325/372-5159;

September 4 — Livestock Weekly offices will close at noon but will be open on Monday, Labor Day.

September 5 — South Texas Cattle Marketing’s “Cattleman’s Opportunity” Replacement Female Sale, Nixon Livestock Commission, Nixon, Texas. FMI: 830/334-8227.

September 5 — Oklahoma Angus Association Gathering Sale, Prague, Okla. FMI: 405/641-6081.

September 5 — 7th Annual Rare semen & Embryo Sale, Roseville, Illinois. Sale is online at or FMI: 309/337-1404.

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