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Plains Fed Cattle Trade Primed
At Midweek By Strong Exchange

Panhandle fed cattle trade had yet to kick off at midweek, feedlots asking $128 or better and getting no bids. Last week’s going price was steady with the previous week at mostly $125.

Packer Lambs All
Steady To Higher

Slaughter lamb trade over the last week was all steady to higher. San Angelo slaughter lambs were $10-20 higher. Goldthwaite lambs sold $10-15 higher. Fredericksburg lamb prices were quoted strong. Hamilton wool lambs and Barbado lambs were steady, while Dorper lambs sold $10 higher.

Slaughter Meat Goats Steady
To Higher In Recent Trading

Slaughter meat goat prices were generally steady to higher in most recent trading. San Angelo and Hamilton were steady, Fredericksburg strong, Goldthwaite $5-10 higher, and New Holland, Pennsylvania mostly steady to $10 higher per head.

Range Sales

Models Predict Impacts Of CWD
In Event Of S. Texas Outbreak

In January chronic wasting disease was detected in a hunter-harvested year and a half-old white-tailed buck. It was the first free-ranging Texas whitetail documented to have CWD.

Wildfires Kill Six, Burn 1.5M
Acres In Texas, Okla. And Kan.

Gusty winds and warm temperatures were forecast for this weekend on the Southern Plains, the same conditions that last week burned off 1.5 million acres of grassland and killed six people.

Ranchers, Feedlot, Packer
And Eatery Join For Pilot Project

Each segment of the beef supply chain has united in a pilot project that seeks to improve sustainability of the U.S. beef industry. The calf producer, feedlot, packer, beef wholesaler and even retailer will work together and share information in this novel project.

Committee Hears GIPSA Update,
CME/NCBA Working Group Report

Those attending the live cattle marketing committee meeting during the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association annual convention here received an update on the GIPSA rule and then heard reports from members of the NCBA/CMA working group.

Fewer Families Including Meat
As Centerpiece Of Daily Meals

The number of trips that shoppers take to the grocery store declined this year, and there has been “a bit of erosion” in household penetration, meaning fewer families are putting meat and poultry on their plate.

Tech Grad Student Opens Quail
Symposium With Bobwhite Facts

Byron Buckley, a Ph.D. student at Texas Tech University, opened the Quail Management Symposium here last month with a review of the general biology of quail and its importance to the area.

Supply And Demand Both Bear
Watching In Regard To Cattle

“I think it’s very important that we appreciate why 2016 was very different than 2014,” said Kansas State University Agricultural Economist Glynn Tonsor, speaking at the university’s 104th annual Cattlemen’s Day here this month.

Global Brands Still Promoting
“Sustainability” To Suppliers

Sustainability remains a key issue for global brands, said Leann Saunders of IMI Global.

Wildfire Relief Hay Abundant
At Livestock Supply Points

Somebody probably needs it worse – that may be the mentality of many producers who suffered damage from wildfires and are reluctant to come get hay from three Livestock Supply Points set up on their behalf.

In last week’s issue, the article “Conservation Of Private Land And Wildlife A Benefit For All” fell prey to the evil effects of digital demons; inaccurate figures in one segment of the article somehow found their way back in after their initial correction. The affected paragraphs should have read:

Bull Rider Joe Frost Gets First
Win Of Season In Florida Rodeo

Joe Frost traveled 2285 miles to compete at the Arcadia All-Fla Championship Rodeo, and it was worth the long flight.

San Saba And Mason
Cattle Termed Steady

Mason and San Saba saw all classes of cattle sell steady. The 13th annual Cattleman’s Kind had 44 head of Black Simmental and SimAngus bulls 13-18 months old average $3282 with the top selling bull at $6500. Receipts totaled 1636 head for the two sales.

Columbus Calf Market
Prices $2-5 Higher

Calves were $2-5 stronger, cows steady. Receipts totaled 692 head.

Fredericksburg Feeder
Cattle Prices Strong

Feeder cattle prices were strong, packer cows and bulls $2 higher. Cattle receipts totaled 801 head.

Durant Sale Offers
993 Head Of Cattle

Cattle receipts totaled 993 head.
Steers: 200-300 pounds $185-211, 300-400 pounds $161-194, 400-500 pounds $140-183, 500-600 pounds $129-160, 600-700 pounds $119-151, 700-800 pounds $109-130, 800-900 pounds $100-115.

Navasota Cattle Sale
Prices $3-5 Higher

Cattle prices were $3-5 higher on receipts of 771 head.
Steers: 150-300 pounds $115-250, 300-400 pounds $110-185, 400-500 pounds $100-182.50, 500-600 pounds $100-172.50, 600-700 pounds $100-152.50.

New Summerfield Sale
Offerings 661 Cattle

Cattle receipts totaled 661 head.
Steers: under 300 pounds $180-230, 300-400 pounds $165-205, 400-500 pounds $150-185, 500-600 pounds $135-172, 600-700 pounds $120-160, 700-800 pounds $115-128.

Wichita Falls Feeder
Cattle Decline $1-2

Calves were steady, feeder cattle $1-2 lower, packer cows steady to $2 lower. Receipts totaled 1080 head.

Gonzales Yearlings,
Calves $2-3 Higher

Calves and yearlings were $2-3 higher, packer cows steady. Receipts totaled 527 head.

Cuero Calf Prices
Strong To Higher

Calf prices were strong, heavier calves higher, packer cows and bulls strong. Receipts totaled 645 head.

Goldthwaite Packer
Kid Goats Up $5-10

Lambs were $10-15 higher, light kid goats $5 higher, slaughter kids $5-10 higher, nannies steady. Sheep and goat receipts totaled 2935 head.

Comanche Feeder Steer
Prices Mostly Steady

Feeder cattle were mostly steady, slaughter cows and bulls steady. Receipts totaled 427 head.

Coleman Feeder Cattle
Quoted Steady To Firm

Stocker and feeder cattle were steady to firm, packer cows and bulls $4-5 higher, stocker cows and pairs about steady. Receipts totaled 2379 head.

Hamilton Lambs Trade
Steady To $10 Higher

Wool lambs and Barbado lambs were steady Monday, Dorper lambs $10 higher, ewes $10 higher, kid goats and nannies steady. Sheep and goat receipts totaled 1962 head.

Fredericksburg Kid
Goats, Lambs Strong

Lambs and kid goats were strong. Sheep and goat receipts totaled 3175 head.

Three Rivers Calves
Steady To $4 Higher

Calves and yearlings were steady to $4 higher, packer cows and bulls steady. Receipts totaled 463 head.

Feeder Cattle $3-5
Higher At Crockett

Feeder cattle were $3-5 higher, slaughter cows $3 higher, slaughter bulls firm. Sheep and goat receipts totaled 1113 head.

Feeder Cattle Prices Uneven,
$3 Off To $5 Up Across Nation

Steer and heifer calves sold mostly steady to $5 higher across the country last week, instances $1-2 lower in the north central area. Feeder steers and heifers were uneven, prices $3 lower to $5 higher.

Heavy Tulia Feeder
Cattle Mostly Steady

Feeder steers under 800 pounds and heifers under 700 pounds were steady to $3 higher, heavier weights mostly steady. Receipts totaled 3394 head.

Most Light Belen
Steers $6-8 Lower

Feeder steers and heifers under 500 pounds were $6-8 lower, instances $10-12 lower on 400-450 pounds, over 500 pounds $5-8 higher, slaughter cows and bulls steady to $5 lower. Receipts totaled 1098 head.

Most Light Clovis
Steers $1-4 Higher

Feeder cattle under 600 pounds were $1-4 higher, instances $5 higher on steers 400-450 pounds and heifers 500-600 pounds, over 600 pounds steady to $3 higher, slaughter cows and bulls steady. Receipts totaled 2610 head.

Red Meat Production
4.7% Above A Year Ago

Total red meat production under federal inspection last week was estimated at 975.4 million pounds, .5 percent higher than the previous week and 4.7 percent higher than last year. Cumulative meat production for the year to date was 1.6 percent higher than last year.

Domestic Wool Slow,
Aussie Market Higher

Domestic wool trading on a clean basis was light last week, with 47,500 pounds of confirmed trades.

Amarillo Feeder Cattle
Steady To $3 Higher

Feeder steers and heifers were steady to $3 higher on weights over 600 pounds, slaughter cows and bulls steady to firm. Receipts totaled 1508 head.

Boxed Beef Cutout
Values All Higher

The national comprehensive boxed beef cutout report for last week showed prices up $7.98 from the previous week at $207.87. A year ago the cutout value was $216.25.

El Reno Heavy Calves
Quoted Mostly Steady

Steer and heifer calves over 500 pounds sold mostly steady. Receipts totaled 4100 head.

Oklahoma City Steers
Sell Steady To Higher

Feeder steers and steer calves were steady to $3 higher, feeder heifers and heifer calves mostly $2-4 higher except six-weights $6 higher. Receipts totaled 6592 head.

Light Joplin Steers
Termed $2-5 Higher

Steers under 600 pounds were $2-5 higher, over 600 pounds $2-4 higher, heifers steady. Receipts totaled 6985 head.

Imported Meat Totals
35,311 Metric Tons

Imported meat for the week ending March 4 totaled 35,311 metric tons. The following figures represent metric tons.

New Holland Goats
Steady To Higher

Slaughter kid goats were mostly steady to $10 higher per head, slaughter nannies steady to $5 higher per head, slaughter bucks steady to $20 higher per head, wethers $10-30 higher per head. Goat receipts totaled 1251 head.

Angelo Packer Lamb
Prices $10-20 Higher

Slaughter lambs were $10-20 higher Tuesday, slaughter ewes firm to $4 higher, kid goats steady, nannies firm. Sheep and goat receipts totaled 3700 head.


Coming Up...
March 17
— Andy Baumeister’s 5th Annual Spring Roping Cattle Sale, Meridian Livestock Commission, Meridian, Texas. FMI: Andy — 217/799-1111;

March 17 — Temple Grandin Conference on Autism, Texarkana, Texas. FMI: 800/489-0727.

March 18 — 44 Farms’ Abilene Bull Sale, Abilene Livestock Auction, Abilene, Texas. FMI: 254/697-4401;

March 18 — Hales Angus Farms 22nd Annual Sale, via Superior Productions. FMI: 806/488-2471; 806/679-1919.

March 18 — Doyle Herefords sale, Wolfe City, Texas. FMI: 214/240-4538.

March 18 — Altenburg Super Baldy Ranch Production Sale, Centennial Livestock Auction, Ft. Collins, Colorado. FMI: 256/254-9042.

March 18 — Gray’s Angus Ranch Bull Sale, Harrison, Nebraska. FMI: 308/668-2525.

March 18 — Circle A Angus Ranch Production Sale, Iberia, Missouri. FMI: 800/247-2532.

March 20 — Bridle Bit Ranch’s All Terrain Bull Sale, Walsh, Colorado. FMI: 719/529-0564;

March 20 — Ready To Work Registered Angus Bull Sale, Cattlemen's Livestock Auction, Belen, New Mexico. FMI: 806/225-7230.

March 20 — U Bar Ranch’s Black Angus “Ready For Work” Bull Sale, Cattlemen’s Livestock Auction, Belen, New Mexico. FMI: 575/535-2975; 575/574-4860.

March 21 — Manzano Angus Ranches’ 21st Annual Bull Sale, Estancia, New Mexico. FMI: Bill Gardner — 505/705-2856; Cole Gardner — 575/910-5952; Clayton Gardner — 575/934-8742.

March 21 — Flying S Herefords Sale, at the ranch, Paluxy, Texas. FMI: 214/533-9669, 405/464-2455.

March 21 — Green Mountain Red Angus Production Sale, Logan, Montana. FMI: 406/285-6773.

March 22 — Annual Pair Sale, D & L Ranch, Stigler Livestock Auction, Stigler, Oklahoma. FMI: 918/447-4487, 918/471-6058.

March 22 — Larson Angus Ranch Production Sale, Sharon Springs, Kansas. FMI: 785/891-3748.

March 22 — Spring Special Stocker Cow And Heifer Sale, Stephenville Cattle Company, Stephenville, Texas. FMI: 254/968-4844, 254/967-1950, 254/459-1046.

March 22 — McCumber Angus Ranch Production Sale, Rolette, North Dakota. FMI: 701/246-3366.

March 22 — Express Ranches Angus and Hereford New Mexico Bull Sale, Newkirk, New Mexico. FMI: 405/350-0044, 575/403-8152.

March 23 — McCabe Genetics Production Sale, Elk City, Kansas. FMI: 620/332-4244, 620/332-4498, 620/636-0545.

March 23 — Special Bull Offering Featuring J E Red Angus Ranch, Jordan Cattle Auction, San Saba, Texas. 325/372-5159;

March 23 — Superior Video Auction, Ft. Worth, Texas. FMI: 800/422-2117.

March 23 — Gartner-Denowh Angus Ranch Sale, Sidney, Montana. FMI: 406/798-3355.

March 22 — Fish Day at Ranchers and Supply, Amarillo, Texas. FMI: 501/676-3768.

March 23 — Fish Day at Croby County Coop, Ralls, Texas; Midland Coop, Midland, Texas; ranch Supply company, Odessa, Texas. FMI: 501/676-3768.

March 23-24 — Vermilion’s Spring Sale, Billings, Montana. FMI: 406/670-0078.

March 24-25 — New Mexico Ag Expo, Roosevelt County Fairgrounds, Portales, New Mexico. FMI: 800/635-8036.

March 24 — Fish Day at Palmer Feeds, San Angelo, Texas; Abilene Coop, Abilene, Texas. FMI: 501/676-3768.

March 25 — Littlerobe Angus Ranch’s Annual Production Sale, at the ranch, Higgins, Texas. FMI: Dale Jenkins, 806/255-8873; Duane Jenkins, 806/852-4171.

March 25 — West Texas Brangus Breeders Association Springtime Sale, Abilene Auction, Abilene, Texas. FMI: 325/669-5727, 325/669-5570.

March 25 — Valley View Charolais Bull Sale, Missoula, Montana. FMI: 800/867-2855, 406/270-0222.

March 25 — Buck Cattle Co. Sale, Madill, Oklahoma. FMI: 580/220-7288.

March 25 — Sinclair Cattle Co. Bull Sale, Buffalo, Wyoming. FMI: 307/254-1477.

March 25 — Doyle ranch Estate Auction, San Saba, Texas. FMI: 325/938-6750, 325/451-0029, 325/938-7596.

March 28 — GeneTrust Bull Sale, Suhn Cattle Company, Eureka, Kansas. FMI: 417/425-0368.

March 26-28 — QuailMasters Session I, Sweetwater and Roby Texas. FMI: 800/893-9453, 325/653-4567.

March 27 — McEntire Red Angus Partners in Progress Sale, at the ranch, Sweetwater, Oklahoma. FMI: 580/729-9036.

March 27 — Oleen Brothers Production Sale, Dwight, Kansas. FMI: 785/482-3383.

March 27 — Feddes Red Angus, C-T Red Angus Production Sale, Manhattan, Montana. FMI: 406/581-8826.

March 27-30 — American Sheep Industry trip to Washington, D.C. FMI: 303/771-3500.

March 29 — Annual Pair Sale, D & L Ranch, Stigler Livestock Auction, Stigler, Oklahoma. FMI: 918/447-4487, 918/471-6058.

March 29 — NJW Polled Herefords Bull Sale, Sheridan, Wyoming. FMI: 307/672-3248.

March 29 — Gillespie Livestock Special Female Replacement Sale, Fredericksburg, Texas. FMI: 830/997-4394, 830/998-4233, 830/889-4394.

March 31 — Sandhill Farms Hereford Sale, Haviland, Kansas. FMI: 620/995-4072, 620/546-4570.

March 31 — Pieper Red Angus Production Sale, Hay Springs, Nebraska. FMI: 308/638-4557.

March 31 — Silver Bit Angus Ranch Sale, May Idaho. FMI: 208/940-0433.

March 31-April 2 — San Antonio Cattle Raisers Convention, San Antonio, Texas. FMI: 800/242-7820,

April 1 — Heart Of Texas Special Replacement Female Sale, Groesbeck Auction & Livestock Company, Groesbeck, Texas. FMI: Tom Johnson — 903/599-2403; 817/291-5121.

April 1 — MW Herefords sale, Brownwood, Texas. FMI: 325/646-0956.

April 3 — Pharo Cattle Company Bull Sale, West, Texas. FMI: 800/311-0995.

April 3 — Herbster Angus Sale, Marysville, Kansas. FMI: 402/801-1420.

April 6 — Superior Video Auction, Ft. Worth, Texas. FMI: 800/422-2117.

April 6 — A and B Cattle Co. Bull Sale, Bassett, Nebraska. FMI: 402/684-2371.

April 7 — Copeland & Sons Herefords Demand The Brand Bull Sale, Five States Livestock Auction, Clayton, New Mexico. FMI: 575/403-8123, 580/336-8284.

April 8 — Muleshoe Ranch’s RANGE-READY Angus and Hereford BULL SALE, at the ranch, Breckenridge, Texas. FMI: 254/559-9739; 254/559-0156; 254/477-3540; 979/229-0280;

April 8 — Texas Shorthorn Association State Sale, Eastland, Texas. FMI: 806/285-2121.

April 8 — 15th Annual “Best Of The Best” Replacement Female Sale, Jordan Cattle Auction, San Saba, Texas. 325/372-5159;

April 8 — Roswell Livestock Auction’s 2nd Annual Ranchers Select Sale, featuring horses, cow dogs, roping cattle, pairs, bred cows, Roswell, New Mexico. FMI: 575/622-5580, 575/626-4754, 575/626-6253.

April 12 — Pass Creek Angus Ranch Bull Sale, Sheridan, Wyoming. FMI: 406/343-2551.

April 13-15 — Oklahoma State Shearing School, Shepherds Cross, Claremore, Oklahoma. FMI: 918/342-5911.

April 15 — Cobb Charolais Ranch Bull Sale, Western Livestock, Great Falls, Montana. FMI: 406/562-3670, 406/562-3694.

April 20 — Special Bull Offering Featuring Angus Of Clear Creek, Jordan Cattle Auction, San Saba, Texas. 325/372-5159;

April 21 — Superior Video Auction, Natchitoches, Louisiana. FMI: 800/422-2117.

April 21-22 — Texas Trappers And Fur Hunter’s Association Spring Rendezvous, Jacksonville, Texas. FMI: Mitchell Simpson —806/847-7562.

April 24-25 — Texas A&M AgriLife Hemphill county Beef Cattle Conference & Ag Tour, Canadian, Texas. FMI: 806/323-9114, or

April 30-May2  — QuailMasters Session II, Hebbronville, Texas. FMI: 800/893-9453, 325/653-4567.

May 4  — Superior Video Auction, Ft. Worth, Texas. FMI: 800/422-2117.

May 6 — May Replacement Female Sale, Jordan Cattle Auction, San Saba, Texas. 325/372-5159;

May 8-12 — California State Shearing School, University of California Cooperative Extension in Ukaih. FMI: 707/463-4495.

May 11 — Special Stocker & Feeder Sale, Jordan Cattle Auction, San Saba, Texas. 325/372-5159;

May 18 — Superior Video Auction, Ft. Worth, Texas. FMI: 800/422-2117.

May 29 — No Sale, Monday, May 29, Jordan Cattle Auction, Mason, Texas.

June 1 — Superior Video Auction, Ft. Worth, Texas. FMI: 800/422-2117.

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