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Feeder lamb prices moved higher around the country this week as numbers remain short. Slaughter lambs were lower on Midwest terminal markets early, but Wednesday’s prices overcame early losses. Slaughter ewes were steady in the Midwest and higher in Texas.

A total of 7675 slaughter ewes crossed into Mexico last week through the Texas ports. Movement this week is even more liberal with 4405 head crossing the first two days. For the year, 256,660 slaughter ewes have crossed into Mexico compared to 240,440 for the same period a year ago.

Slaughter the first two days of this week was running slightly above a year ago at 36,000 head. If this pace is maintained it will be the largest weekly slaughter since April.

Lamb carcass prices were steady again last week as the small volume is being absorbed without much delay. New York quoted 45-55 pound carcasses $168, 55-65 pounds $166, 65-75 pounds $162, 75-85 pounds $152, and over 85 pounds $142.

San Angelo feeder lambs weighing 45-60 pounds brought $94-102, 60-70 pounds $98-104, 70-80 pounds $95-101 and 80-95 pounds $93-98. Most Fredericksburg lambs brought $95-105. Goldthwaite feeders weighing 40-75 pounds made $91-96, 75-90 pounds $87.50-95. Junction lambs of 50-60 pounds were $95-96 and 80-85 pounds $89.50-91. Midwest markets quoted 60-80 pound feeders $95-100 and 80-100 pounds $85-95. At Newell, South Dakota, 60-70 pound feeders brought $115-119, 70-80 pounds $105-114, 80-90 pounds $100-109.50, and 90-100 pounds $90-98.

Feeder lambs remain short in West Texas, 70-80 pounders recently moving direct at $92-96, 90-95 pounds $85-90. Montana feeders weighing 100 pounds made $87.

San Angelo fat lambs weighing 100-120 pounds sold for $85-87.50, 120-140 pounds $74-78. Goldthwaite fats were $75-82. Midwest markets had shorn lambs $78-85 and wooled $76-83.75 with Wednesday sales up to $86.75. Midwest teleauction lambs were $78.50-80.50. Virginia fats sold from $77.75-88.25, and Pennsylvania reported 80-100 pound fats at $95-110, 100-120 pounds $80-100.

Recent sales on fat lambs moving direct from Texas feedlots to packers were at $87-88. Colorado lambs moving on contract were $80-86 on 120-140 pounds and $78-81 on 140-155 pounds. The average weight was 146 pounds compared to 137 a year ago. South Dakota fat lambs weighing 135-140 pounds brought $84-86, 150-155 pounds $79.50-80.50. Wyoming fats of 140-145 pounds brought $85, and California fats were $82-85 on 120-140 pounds. Midwest lambs moving direct brought $79-83.

Idaho lambs were contracted for July and August delivery at $90 with fats weighing 120-135 pounds and feeders 100-120 pounds.

Fleshy slaughter ewes in San Angelo brought $42-52.50, in the Midwest $35-45.50.

San Angelo sold solidmouth stock ewes at $81-82 per head. In Wyoming yearling to five year-old ewes weighing 150 pounds brought $110 per head, and 80 pound ewe lambs went back to the country at $110 cwt.

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